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to find learning to drive at the age of 36 scary?

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time4tea · 10/06/2007 17:38

after years of living in London and other places where a car isn't necessary, I now have 2 kids and the need to have a decent holiday requires a car. I'm about to send off for my driving licence and start lessons. DH learned to drive but is too nervous to drive - road range of others etc. I really want to have the skill for occasional use (for eco reasons etc don't want to own one) so am motivated but it seems so dangerous etc... am I being woossy? any experiences?

OP posts:

CorrieDale · 10/06/2007 17:55

I don't blame you for feeling anxious, but my mother learned how to drive at 50. She passed her test the same week I got my degree. The driving licence definitely took centre stage.

I firmly believe that every woman should know how to drive - it gives you independence, even if you never wish to own a car.


Idreamofdaleks · 10/06/2007 17:58

I think that if you don't drive frequently it is easy to lose your nerve.

It is dangerous, and you must expect some hairy moments and probably some minor scrapes too. But most people get through this, think of it as an adventure and your driving licence as a key to a new world of possibilities! Good luck!


Boco · 10/06/2007 18:01

Hi time4tea

There are quite a few of us on mn, come and join our learning to drive for the terrified thread.


I think it is harder the older you are - finding it quite a nightmare actually. Like you, lived in London for 12 years and either didn't need a car or couldn't afford one, and now i'm 32 and desperately need to, so i'm going for it and making progress very slowly. Have to force myself to go to every single lesson, but i will get there in the end!


DominiConnor · 10/06/2007 18:22

I was 40. Didn't enjoy it one little bit.


dionnelorraine · 10/06/2007 18:31

my mum is learning an she is 48!


Katy44 · 10/06/2007 18:46

Can I just add that out of my friends who learned to drive when they were 'older' (mid twenties) they are much better drivers than the ones I know (me included) that passed at 17


DrNortherner · 10/06/2007 18:50

I passed my test in December aged 30, after countless lessons and 5 tests!! I was crap and I hated it. I stuck at it and now I love it. Was very anxious though when first passed and I think if you are only an ocassional driver the anxiety will always stay. I drive almost every day now and honestly do not even think about it

Good luck.


michaelad · 10/06/2007 18:57

I am 37, have taken driving lessons in the past, failed two driving tests (nerves on the day always kill it for me) and hopefully one day I will take lessons again and eventually pass. But I found too found the lessons hard work and the tests simply terrifying.


lou33 · 10/06/2007 18:59

i learned to drive last summer aged 39, and bloody love it


bakedpotato · 10/06/2007 19:00

Started lessons last yr when 36, and to my surprise enjoyed it and passed first time. I'd had a few lessons when I was 18 and hated it, cried nonstop, ditto when 25. I found I had a totally different approach as an 'adult', mainly bcs I had self-confidence (which I lacked when younger). I was less anxious about p*ssing off other people on the road; I realised I deserved to be out there, learning.

Having said that since passing I've barely driven (have good local public transport), and have lost almost all of my nerve. I guess I'd be OK with a few refreshers but I don't find I need to drive that much.

Make sure you find the right instructor, s/he can make all the difference.


motherinferior · 10/06/2007 19:03

I passed, finally, at 40.


Aloha · 10/06/2007 19:04

I was 30 and I just thought, why on earth didn't I do this before? I must have been mad. I love it.


Enid · 10/06/2007 19:05

I passed when dd2 was 18 months, so I must have been 36 or 37. I am a good confident driver now 3 years later. Took ages to pass though and lots of angst!


lou33 · 10/06/2007 19:28

ooh i got complimented on my driving today [preens]


littlelapin · 10/06/2007 19:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shoshable · 10/06/2007 19:32

passed two years ago at 46 best thing i ever did


Judy1234 · 10/06/2007 19:38

My mother learned in her 30s and passed 3rd try, because of the need to drive us to school.

Actually noe of my greater achievements of hte last 4 years is getting the three older children to sit their theory test on their 17th birthday and pass their driving test at age 17 - huge parental effort needed but worth it.


littlelapin · 10/06/2007 19:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

francagoestohollywood · 10/06/2007 19:43

I have a driving licence but haven't driven for 10 yrs now. I had a panic attack last time I went driving with dh. Still think I should do some kind of refresher (is this the right word?) course . Boco has one of the best anedoctes ever


francagoestohollywood · 10/06/2007 19:45

lol at "undue hesitancy" (sorry LL ). I was failed 3 times before getting the licence...


admylin · 10/06/2007 20:02

I thought learning to drive was scary at 19, never mind later! I had a french driving teacher (lived in France at the time) and he kept shouting "faster, overtake, faster" etc which sort of put me off driving - later I failed the test in France but re-took in UK which was fun getting used to the other side of the road but had a nice, calm, encouraging teacher. So I would say alot depends on what the person teaching you is like and maybe the area. Also if you don't own a car and you pass your test you will need to keep practising at regular intervals.My mum passed her test aged over 45 but then didn't drive for over a year and then had to take some more lessons to get her confidence up to drive even short distances.


Judy1234 · 10/06/2007 22:02

First of all get the earliest appointment you can for the driving theory test. The advantage when you're 17 and at home is that your long suffering parents can let you drive on every journey when you and they are in the car. It's quite nerve wracking but it's the daily or every other day practice which really helps although I think to some extent you don't really get into good practice until after you've passed.


worzsel · 10/06/2007 22:13

sweetheart the driving test is bloody scarey however ancient you are !

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