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Gregg's sausage rolls

17 replies

Spaceman67 · 29/08/2018 15:04

I bought a pack of the above (4 cold sausage rolls) on Monday. Had them in the fridge since then. Are they safe to reheat and eat today?

OP posts:
londonfever · 29/08/2018 15:06

I would say yes, they are fine but you have to have lots of tomato ketchup with them... :)

HelloToYou · 29/08/2018 15:08

No you will die a horrible and painful death. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Of course they are ok. 😂

Spaceman67 · 29/08/2018 15:10

Thanks everyone.

OP posts:
HelloToYou · 29/08/2018 15:11

Sorry, that was more mean than I intended, I am heavily pregnant and uncomfortable and snappy.

But the food will be fine, would just heat it up properly before hand, hot sausage rolls are a lot nicer than cold! (Make sure it is hot - Don't do it just luke warm, that's like breeding bacteria)

kaytee87 · 29/08/2018 15:11

Yes (assuming they went into fridge within an hour of being bought) but I'd reheat in oven as they'll go soggy in microwave.

IHaveBrilloHair · 29/08/2018 15:12

Yes, they'll be lush.
I love a Greggs sausage roll.

Onlyjoinedforthisthread · 29/08/2018 15:13

You do know that adults aren't allowed to eat them? Only under 2s in a push chair can eat a Greggs dummy Wink

vampirethriller · 29/08/2018 15:13

They're good with beans!

Theweasleytwins · 29/08/2018 15:16

Just a heads up- Iceland sell frozen greggs sausage rolls to heat at your convenience 😁

Tinkobell · 29/08/2018 15:40

Ask Gregg....whoever he is?! 😁

Idontbelieveinthemoon · 29/08/2018 15:41

Ooooh no, they're only to be eaten warm straight out the paper bag. Cold sausage rolls ought to be banished.

WrongKindOfFace · 29/08/2018 15:56

They’ll be fine, there’s no meat in them anyway.

(A Greggs sausage roll is a guilty pleasure.)

IHaveBrilloHair · 29/08/2018 16:05

Warm put of the bag is definitely the best way, with a cheese pasty on the side and a chocolate cream doughnut for dessert.Grin

leccybill · 29/08/2018 16:09

Really want a Greggs sausage rolls now. One of life's simple pleasures.

Tiredtomybones · 29/08/2018 16:13

I'm trying to lose weight and just reading about a Greggs sausage roll is making me hungry. I will have a glass of water and some grapes. That's nearly as tasty, right?

PristineCondition · 29/08/2018 16:16

You can buy frozen Greggs from iceland, it can be crispy fresh at anytime....

Nolagerformethanks · 29/08/2018 16:17

21 weeks pregnant and can't stop thinking about Gregg sausage rolls now, I'd probably have to buy a bottle of gaviscon for dessert though 😂

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