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To wish family wouldn't turn my house into a store-room

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mummydoit · 04/06/2007 23:06

Actually, this might not be the right place to post this. I guess I am being unreasonable and I know for a fact I'm being ungrateful. The thing is my DSs are the youngest children in both mine and DHs families and everyone gives us their old stuff, chiefly toys. We have enough toys to stock a large branch of Hamleys and still they keep coming. It's kind of them and I know we're lucky but we've got no space. Some of it is too old for them (three huge crates of Playmobile and they're only 3 and 4) so I have to store it. Plus they also buy them loads of new stuff for birthdays and Christmas. My house does not have elastic sides! My mum has even suggested that I hang on to the outgrown stuff so that my nephews and nieces can have it in a few years time.

Rant over! I know I am an ungrateful cow and will go now and hang my head in shame.

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yomellamoHelly · 04/06/2007 23:12

Ebay. Ds1 doesn't have that much stuff compared to his friends, but still only regularly plays with a small portion of it. Use the money you make for family days out.


fireflyfairy2 · 04/06/2007 23:17

I would have a clear out every couple of months. Text whoever owns the toys/clothes/junk that you're getting rid of, inform them you are having a clear out & ask if they want you to hang on to them for them....

I did this with my sister who kept bringing me things... told her I was going to ebay them or would she rather have them back.. she told me to keep her blue blanket but I could do whatever I wanted with the rest

try it

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