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To expect to be able to install a stair gate, without it taking over three hours and having to call my dad and DP for help!?

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TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 12:13

And it's still not done. Bloody b'stard thing.
The drill won't do what I'm telling it to, I've made large holes im places I shouldn't and worked up a sweat and a temper.

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/06/2007 12:35

take it back and get another sort. Life is too short for assembly!


TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 12:50

I know! It is actually one a friend gave us, and we don't have instructions so it's a bloody nightmare.
I'm taking at least an hours break from it now.

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TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 13:39

The fun just goes on
I now have a broken drill bit sticking out of the wall and no idea how I'm going to get it out.

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/06/2007 13:45

DH suggests hitting the drill bit with a hammer then replastering over it

Seriously you need pliers and to turn it counter clockwise. What sort is it - the instructions are probably online.


NineUnlikelyTales · 03/06/2007 13:48

Call my DH - he's fitting ours as I type. Don't worry about not having the instructions, they are only included to add further confusions. Ours seem to be translated from Chinese into German, then into English by a GCSE student.


TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 14:00

I don't know the make. It's one of those that is fixed with brackets to one side, and then has a lift and lock mechnism on the other.
I think what your DH says about hammering it in is probably my only option, but then that means I can't put the screw in on top of it so will have to reposition the rest

I am seriously tempted to give up and just go out, but I will not let it beat me!lol.

OP posts:

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 14:29

It's done! Fan bloody tastic.
I had been an idiot, trying to fix the brackets to the wall when they were attched to the gate, but realised my error and did it in 20 minutes, lol.
Off out now, at long last.

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NineUnlikelyTales · 03/06/2007 14:34

Well done, have a G&T


TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 14:40

Lol I wish, not sure the park cafe will do those.
Perhaps a Grandecafesupermochalattecino (the Super­califragilistic­expialidocious of todays child, non) will hit the spot!

OP posts:

NineUnlikelyTales · 03/06/2007 14:42

(Not gifted and talented BTW)

whomovedmychocolate · 03/06/2007 14:45

Hurrah - now you will discover you've put it on upside down and you have to scrabble on the floor to open it. I got really good at hurdles in my brother's house for this very reason


TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 14:45

G&T always means the good old mothers ruin for me!
Quite unfortuante when I come across those G&T threads and expect boozey talk.

OP posts:

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 03/06/2007 14:47

Not upside down (preen)
And very secure. I tried throwing the pram at it to test it(I am serious)

OP posts:

whomovedmychocolate · 04/06/2007 21:40

You do understand it's supposed to contain the children, not to be a venting point for your pram folding ire?

Well done you though - I suppose you are replastering the excess holes today?


profoundviolet · 04/06/2007 21:54

I can sympathise. Putting up self assembly bunk beds almos ended in divorce for us.


whomovedmychocolate · 04/06/2007 22:00

My DD has been in a cotbed since birth so I don't have to assemble anything else till she is seven


tasja · 04/06/2007 22:04

Can I put in an ad:

Husband to hire for assembling stuff.

he can put anything together without instructions. Everytime we buy something, he throws the instructions aside and just do it.


whomovedmychocolate · 04/06/2007 22:06

No DHs read the instructions. They are all apparently wrong anyway.

My DH just randomly decides to improve the design or add features - he's a frustrated engineer at heart bless him!


chipmonkey · 04/06/2007 22:53

We have a very large hole at the top of the stairs and still no stairgate as dh threw the thing into the shed in disgust!


whomovedmychocolate · 04/06/2007 22:55

Chipmonkey - DH said: 'she's got to learn to fall sometime' when I suggested fitting one!

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