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To be annoyed that I've waited in all morning for nothing?

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Wallace · 30/05/2007 13:15

Man from the council said he would be round betwen 10 and 12 this morning. No sign of him

Makes me so pissed off

OP posts:

gonnaneedabiggerboat · 30/05/2007 13:16

if and when he turns up suggest you invoice him for your time!


Wallace · 30/05/2007 13:20

Good idea!

I think he is getting me back because on Monday (we had already arranged that he came today) he turned up at the door, saying he was just passing and could we do it now! I was busy and stressed so I said no.

OP posts:

Wallace · 30/05/2007 14:54

Eventually managed to find out that he got called to a meeting. The ldy said he "Sends his apololgies" Hmm, couldn't he have sent them before I wasted near enough a whole day

OP posts:

gonnaneedabiggerboat · 30/05/2007 17:42

next time you tell him the time he has to come and explain that you will not be wasting anymore of yur time. Give him a 1/2 hour window and after that go out - even if to the local cafe - just to make a point.

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