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In Wondering why So Many People Lack Manners

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mumtochloe · 29/05/2007 15:25

I have two examples of this both in the past week. First one is a playdate with another mum I only know from the school gates. We arrange to take our DD's out to a soft play area and she offers to pick me up seeing as I don't drive. When they arrive her DD is playing with her mothers mobile phone and goes upstairs with my DD. About 5 minutes later we call both DD's to get their shoes on as we are leaving. Her DD gets half way down the stairs and holds the phone up saying "look what I've found". it looks like its a video of something. The mother literally shoves me out of the way so I hit the wall and runs upstairs chasing her DD to get the phone back shouting at her at the top of her voice despite DP being asleep in the bedroom as he has been up since 4am working overtime (the mother knew this). When she got the phone back she saunters back downstairs and despite me rubbing my bruised shoulder in an obvious way doesn't apologise. Is it me being over sensitive or do you think a sorry would have been nice?

Second examply is in Sainsburys last week. DD and I get to the washing powder aisle and a young mum with her baby latches onto us chatting about fabric conditioner. She then proceeds to wheel her trolley around with me all the way round commenting on my buys and telling my DD her behaviour is silly which to be fair at the time it was though it wasn't her place to say so. She pays for her items first, says she is going to look at the clothes and leaves but leaves her purse behind. I find her purse and check it to see if it has her mobile no inside. It has about £60 in cash and her leccy and cash cards but no contact details. I go to customer services to hand it in and they make an announcement. She then comes down and says "I am so stupid sometimes" goes back upstairs and then 5 minutes later walks past me completely blanking me and DD. Am I wrong in wanting a thank you as I know a lot of people would have taken the purse.

I would'nt act like these paird in a million years but am I unreasonable to expect others to have manners (god I sound like my gran now lol)

OP posts:

Lolly68 · 29/05/2007 16:25

No you are not being unreasonable on both counts!


cornsilk · 29/05/2007 16:25

Both mums sound like nutters!


FioFio · 29/05/2007 16:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 29/05/2007 16:28

I was thinking the same thing, Fio. I mean, wtf?


Lolly68 · 29/05/2007 16:29

Me 2...


FioFio · 29/05/2007 16:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

VioletBaudelaire · 29/05/2007 16:30

Better she elbowed you out of the way then let your DD and her DD see the video of her and her partner hanging from the chandelier in her bedroom.

The second woman might not have known that it was you who handed her purse in.


Nip · 29/05/2007 16:30

mumtochloe - i agree that you are not being unreasonable.. i used to have horses and went riding one day along the train tracks.. i came across a purse that was open - no money but about 4 credit cards. I got off my horse (then admittantly struggled to get back on ) - finished my ride. Then went to the police station (about 5 mins down the road) - Handed the purse and all cards in.

Later that evening i got a phone call from the woman who said "Is that 'Nip'?, i replied Yes... she then said "you handed a purse in today".... i replied "yes' - she then said "well i was walking up and down the embankment for hours looking for that, i knew it was there somewhere, i've wasted an afternoon doing that"... i honestly had no idea what to say and because i'm a polite IDIOT at times, i said "i'm really sorry".. she said "so you should be" and hung up!!!!!!

People really dont have manners anymore!!


Mindles · 29/05/2007 16:30

Who starts up a conversation and then follows you round the supermarket? That strikes me as slightly mad behaviour. No you're not unreasonable, it would appear everyone else is though from your post. There is much curiosity as to what's on the other mum's phone - I think you should try and find out!


Mindles · 29/05/2007 16:31

at Nip's story.


gess · 29/05/2007 16:34

I suppose mother 2 didn't recognise you. I frequently fail to recognise my own mother when shopping.

And like fio and expat I would assume there was something very dodgy on her phone (and would be keen to get hold of it myself to have a nose).


veruccasalt · 29/05/2007 16:51

It sounds like the second mum is just a fruitloop or totally absentminded and the first one.... well .

I must admit once I lost my purse and I did cross-question the person who rang me a few months later to tell me that they'd got it as I knew roughly where I'd lost it and it wasn't where it had been found (minus money but my bank cards were intact oddly enough). I guess that they thought that I was a fruitloop by the way I reacted as they said they'd drop it into my uni security office for me. Sometimes people react in odd ways when they do silly things.


mumtochloe · 29/05/2007 18:56

Lol - in relation to the 1st mum that is exactly what crossed my mind. Her and her DH at it in full glory. However if I had that on my phone there is no way I would allow DD to mess around with it!

I think the second mum was just a complete nutter. She was talking to me when she made the "I'm so stupid" comment so she definitely knew who had handed her purse in. Was cross when I got home too as I had missed loads of stuff out as I had rushed, feeling conscious about holding her up. What am I like??!!

OP posts:

mumtochloe · 29/05/2007 18:57

By the way Nip - can't beleive how rude that woman was. Cheeky bint!!!

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