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For getting fed up about being let down

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bobalinga · 28/05/2007 13:15

Again. DS (13) only sees his best mate (best mate since babies) in the holidays as we now live in different cities. He was very excited about seeing his mate tomorrow as mates mum was going to bring him over and he'd stay a couple of days. Its hard to get them together as best mate is an over-scheduled teen with band and cricket and football and what have you.
Best mates mum just told me something came up so he's not coming so would summer holidays be ok. DS is devastated (he has AS and tends to be a one friend lad). He was so looking forward to seeing his friend. I'm hurting on his behalf and fed up with people who let people down. It seems to happen constantly to me. If I make arrangements I stick to them but there seems to be a trend now to let people down if something better comes along.

OP posts:

Kewcumber · 28/05/2007 13:16

I agree with you about the people letting you down trend. It's very sad.


potoftea · 28/05/2007 13:21

I think this is incredibly bad mannered of the other mother. Obviously you have planned the next few days with him being there in mind, and I would be furious if I were you. Of course it must be hard for you too that your son is hurting.

My ds was having a small gathering for his birthday recently, and 3 hours beforehand one friend phoned to say he was going somewhere elso. I was so hurt for my ds, I felt like killing the other mother.


helenhismadwife · 28/05/2007 16:47

it does depend what came up to be fair, if it was a family crisis then I think its entirely reasonable to put this off but if it was nothing important, and from what you are saying it isnt something urgent, then I do think its incredibly rude to let people down especially a child, if you accept an invitation then you keep it. I hope you and your ds have a nice few days together without this friend.

Potoftea that was very rude to ring a few hours before and say he had something else to do, I would not have let my children do that.

on both your ds's behalf


ProfessorGrammaticus · 28/05/2007 16:50

Oh that's really hard for you both. Did she say what had "come up". Is it possible the other boy had decided he didn't want to come and she made an excuse?


maisemor · 28/05/2007 16:57

I agree. Unfortunately it happens more and more.

Is she a good friend? Did she not say what came up that was so much more important?

This happened to my little girl. Because we have just moved back to Scotland I was throwing her a little princess party for her 2 new best friends from nursery. They both accepted and I was wondering whether I should invite another one to "bulk it up a bit" but thought no 3 little girls will be enough in our tiny flat, especially if their mummy's are also going to go. We were having it on the Saturday so I accidentally run into girl A's mum and I jokingly say Princess B is really looking forward to tomorrow when Princess A and C is coming. To which she says, uhhhm but she is no longer going because we are going to see some friends..... I was stunned, and really did not know what to say. She has not spoken to me since, and has never apologised.

Princesses B & C had a wonderful time though, I still felt slightly with A's mum.


sarah293 · 28/05/2007 19:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

helenhismadwife · 28/05/2007 21:16

have you thought about maybe writting her a letter saying all this to her not in a confrontational way just how hurt you and your ds are

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