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To say a period does not cost £25

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jinjkl · 28/06/2018 20:53

I hear the story on the radio about MP Danielle Rowley standing up in parliament to speak out about period poverty.

Good on her - it shouldn't be a taboo subject and I feel for the homeless women or those in poverty who cannot afford basic luxuries. But I can't agree with her statement that each period costs £25, and that women spend £500 a year on sanitary products.

You can buy a 20 pack of supermarket own brand tampons for £1 and that lasts a whole period. Even if you buy Tampax you won't be spending more than £3. Sanitary towels are about the same.

You can pick up some painkillers for under £1. I know some women have extreme periods which require prescription medication, but this is uncommon and it still wouldn't cost anywhere near £25.

Some would probably argue it's the cost of replacing soiled knickers, but the whole period poverty campaign is centred around sanitary protection, not giving women women to buy new knickers after a period (I wish!)

I want sanitary protection to be free as much as the next person, but I just can't abide by these exaggerations. Any woman knows they don't spend £25 every month on their period, and if you are spending this much there is something seriously wrong.

OP posts:
jinjkl · 28/06/2018 20:54

*should say basic necessities

OP posts:
JessambardKingdomBrunel · 28/06/2018 20:55

I know - I thought that was very strange! She must be using some luxury tampons. Maybe they're made of cashmere or something.

Eggzandbacon · 28/06/2018 20:56

I bet I don’t even spend £2 even with painkillers? I couldn’t spend that much if I tried.

fluffygreenmonsterhoody · 28/06/2018 20:57


I wonder if the £25 is an average that also covers loss of earnings for those of us who are less productive/take time off work due to related issues.

Or costs to NHS of related treatments/surgery.

I’d be curious to see where it comes from.

Babdoc · 28/06/2018 20:58

Surely it would be much cheaper for us hard pressed taxpayers to just provide one mooncup for each woman claiming period poverty? They’re reusable and last for years, so no recurrent monthly expense.

DragonScales · 28/06/2018 20:58

Maybe she buys a new mooncup for every period?

WonderfulWonders · 28/06/2018 20:58

I think it depends on your periods.

I have heavy, 6 day periods with spotting before and after. I'd buy 4 packets of Always ( I've recently tried other brands because I hate the scent but no where near as effective) plus a packet of panty liners, pain killers and stain remover £25 seems reasonable. Sadly

JoyTheUnicorn · 28/06/2018 20:58

I have long heavy periods and use tena pads as I don't have to worry as much about flooding.
I would say I spend £10 per period.
If you count necessary chocolate you could easily push it nearer to £25, but sure this isn't what she's in about Grin

MyDcAreMarvel · 28/06/2018 21:00

A £1 pack last a whole period! You are joking. I am tall and heavy , I use supermarket own tena pads for the first two days £2 for six so that’s £6 for the first two days. The two pads of bodyform nights fit the other days just inder a pack a day so say £1.30 x 4 that’s £11.20.
Then the extra washing costs and painkillers if they were not prescribed would be another £1-2 so approaching £15.

WonderfulWonders · 28/06/2018 21:00

There's also at least one day of my period where it's so heavy being out and about is tricky - I'm fortunate I can choose to work from home but if I couldn't I'd probably be calling in sick.

busyboysmum · 28/06/2018 21:00

Mine are free as I use a Mooncup. It's about 10 years old so at £25 a period it was certainly a bargain!

I agree op it's nowhere near that much.

PurplePotatoes · 28/06/2018 21:01

Yes that is a strange figure - I have horrendously heavy periods which can last two weeks at a time, I have to wear a sanitary towel and super plus tampon at the same time and still only spend a fiver a month... I think a packet of 10 supermarket sanitary towels is about 60p...

WonderfulWonders · 28/06/2018 21:01

I'm alway so envious on these types of threads that there a woman out there for who a period means one packet of tampons Sad

regularbutpanickingabit · 28/06/2018 21:01

A pack of 20 lasts a whole period? Geez, you are very lucky!

The bigger the tampon or pad, the more expensive they are. Most people need a variety of sizes for different flow levels - you shouldn’t wear the supersize ones when you are in a lighter part of your cycle because that causes its own problems. Not all the supermarket own brands are anywhere near absorbent enough for a heavy period, either.

I can easily go through 6 tampons in 24 hours for a lighter day and at least 10 tampons in 24 hours for heavier times. I will also need a couple of pads a night when heavy. My period will last 7/8 days so it soon adds up.

£25 may be the higher end of average but there is no way I could say it costs less than a fiver for most people, especially post-pg.

katmarie · 28/06/2018 21:01

Painkillers, at least 2 packs of tampons in different sizes, a pack of pads, panty liners, and sometimes whole replacement underwear, and on one horrifying occasion, new bed sheets too. I can well see how some women could end up spending £25.

glintandglide · 28/06/2018 21:02

I have never seen a pack of 20 tampons for £1! Tampax are like 4. That’ll last me a period but they’re not heavy

SharronNeedles · 28/06/2018 21:02

-box of tampons
-pain killers
-bottle of wine

£25 minimum for me ;)

SmilingButClueless · 28/06/2018 21:02

I have to buy specific brands and still only spend a maximum of £10 per month, and that’s only if I have to restock everything.

I would ask if she buys diamond encrusted sanpro but suspect that may be a tad uncomfortable.

It’s annoying because she makes a really valid point, but overestimating like this detracts from the message a bit.

Avonandice · 28/06/2018 21:02

Protection aside where is her maths coming from £25 x 12 is £300 not £500

Cantchooseaname · 28/06/2018 21:03

I’m having ‘issues’. Usually 8ish days. At least 6 super plus tampons a day- 16 in a box. Get through 3 boxes, plus some regular on last 2 days. Plus night time towels. And if I am going out will often add towel at beginning/ if worried. I guess in region of £10-15.
And don’t get me started on the packets I open and discover are scented. WHY!!!

madamginger · 28/06/2018 21:03

When I used to use pads I used Kotex and would use 3/4 packs per period, I had very heavy periods and would wear 2 pads at night and I would bleed for around 10 days.
After the kids were born they changed and got lighter and I swapped to a mooncup.

HaudYerWheeshtBawbag · 28/06/2018 21:03

For some women this could be accurate, sanitary protection, painkillers, loss of earnings and washing costs (soap powder, stain remover, for bedding, Pjs and underwear and sometimes daily clothes) not to mention extra bathing and also water costs.

And toilet roll, I use more toilet roll while in my period.

ElderflowerWaterIsDelish · 28/06/2018 21:04

Wow what is she buying for £25..even if you bought brand name sanpro it would give you 7 or eight months worth for £25... if a woman goes through £25 worth of sanpro each month because of periods, then she needs to see a dr

jinjkl · 28/06/2018 21:04

@glintandglide Tesco, Morrisons and Boots all sell boxes of 20 for under £1.

OP posts:
Etymology23 · 28/06/2018 21:04

I was getting through a pad and a tampon every hour or two when I had hideous periods (now medicated into submission), and they lasted a good week, and I was taking ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeinein the max non pharmacy strength. So I guess that’s as expensive as a period gets. So that would be, say 15 of each a day, so 105 in a period. 66p for 10 night pads, unbranded. £1 ish for 20 tampons. £7.20 on pads, £5 on tampons. 35p for two days of ibuprofen, so that would be £1.20 ish. 4 days worth of solphadeine max (max strength cocodamol available over the counter, can’t get a non branded equivalent) is £5.50 so call it £8.0 per period.

So that’s £7.20 + £5 + £1.20 + £8 which is £20.80 not using branded anything but was for very bad periods.

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