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AIBU to think the JOB CENTRE should help people looking for a job even though.....

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monkeyandcheekychops · 24/05/2007 21:41

....I've got one?

I was in today to see if I could have a look through their touch screen computer thingys and was told at the front desk that as I was not claiming benefits I was not allowed to use this service!

I laughed and asked her if she was joking, at which point she said no, shoved a card at me and then moved on to the person behind me, I was gobsmacked!

AIBU that I had to spend 20 minutes on a phone call from home when she could have let me in to use computers that were not being used and looked like they cost a lot of TAXPAYERS money!

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SlightlyMadSquare · 24/05/2007 21:42


Wallace · 24/05/2007 21:45

I think their website has all the same info on it.


southeastastra · 24/05/2007 21:46

jobcenters were so easy to use years ago.


monkeyandcheekychops · 24/05/2007 21:48

I checked out the website when I came back in but they had no application details and so I still had to phone up to get phone numbers, adresses, etc.

Its crazy!

OP posts:

southeastastra · 24/05/2007 21:58

it's not the best designed site is it


monkeyandcheekychops · 24/05/2007 22:02


Think I'll stay with Monster and S1 Jobs.

Anyone know any other good job sites?

(I'm in retail management at the mo and qualified in complementary therapies)

OP posts:

MaryHinge · 24/05/2007 22:06

When my ds1 was claiming Jobseekers Allowance he was asked to change the time of a Job Interview because it clashed with his signing on time. They couldn't/wouldn't change the signing on day. Madness!


sparklygothkat · 24/05/2007 22:10

The ones in our Jobcentre are by the windows as you walk in, so I just use them.


southeastastra · 24/05/2007 22:13

if you still want to work in retail you can use retailchoice otherwise your local paper website job page is sometimes good, as you cut out the middle agencies (how i hate them)


monkeyandcheekychops · 24/05/2007 22:22

My dp loves your name MaryHinge!

OP posts:

monkeyandcheekychops · 24/05/2007 22:24

Never heard of that retail one before thanks Southeastastra x

OP posts:

Twinklemegan · 24/05/2007 22:34

I couldn't believe it when the Jobcentres removed all their local adverts and made people go in and use that cr*p computer system. If your search comes up with more than 100 results you're stuffed, and at least half of them are useless cons/nationwide sales positions. By the time you've ploughed through that lot you've almost run out of your hundred allowed results!

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