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To get peeved by salespeople using my child to get to me...

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DixiePixie · 24/05/2007 18:03

Grrr . Yet again I have been accosted walking out of the Supermarket by some insincere, hairgelled youth dressed middle-aged bounding up and smarmily chirping (Yes, it is indeed possible to chirp smarmily!) "Ooh! is that your little one?" as an entry line to try and lock me in converation and attempt to sell me something. To add insult to injury, he tried the very same thing yesterday and got to his next line "can I have a look at her?"

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people cooing over my baby if they mean it - and though I say it myself, she is extremely lovely and merits being cooed at . What royally ticks me off is someone pretending to coo over her in order to get something out of me because he learned it in his "building up rapport" class. It makes me feel insulted for her and insults my intelligence. The only person who should be allowed to exploit my dd's gorgeousness is my dd!!

so there.

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kittyhas6 · 24/05/2007 18:38



ZisforZebra · 24/05/2007 21:10

You could reply

"Of course you can look at her but you should know that she's a baby and therefore has no money so you are wasting your sales patter love" and walk off.


colditz · 24/05/2007 21:11

yes, they 'coo' at your child whilst visibly shuddering....


kickassangel · 24/05/2007 21:19

i think you may be a little entitled to cashing in on her gorgeousness if you want, train her to ask for freebees at the chanel counter when she's a little older


satine · 24/05/2007 21:24

What on earth was he trying to sell?

Urgh, that would annoy me a lot.

(Did anyone see that episode of The Apprentice when they were selling sweets at London Zoo? The irish girl was going up to children, handing them chocolate lollies and then saying to the parents "That'll be £2.50, please". ??? I'd have gone mad, and there's no way I'd have paid!!)


DixiePixie · 24/05/2007 21:45

pmsl ZifZ

Ooh yes Satine, saw that Apprentice too - thought it was well out of order!! No idea what this chap was selling, I bolted before he could launch into his patter!

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