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to think that i should be able to get help regardless of where i live

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nappyaddict · 22/05/2007 11:55

I went to our local surestart centre to see if there were any groups me and ds could attend to get us out of the house cos i can't really afford to pay £4 a week for the ones round here. i was told i didn't live in the right catchment area to receive help.

now is it being totally unreasonable to think it should be income assessed - fair enough, but why should where i live have anything to do with it. yes, ok i live in a nice area but thats cos i live with my parents. my friend lives in this area too cos it was the first place that came up on the council list and now cos she lives here she can't get as much help as if she'd waited and lived in a not so nice place.

just annoys me - rant over!

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tinymum · 22/05/2007 11:58

Its probably a financial issue isn't it. I suppose there is only so much money to go round so they focus on the areas of greatest need. Not fair though, really, I agree.


NuttyMuffins · 22/05/2007 11:59

I was told the same thing when ds was a baby, and more recently have been told that as a single mum on income support, trying to get back into work, I am not entitled to help from a government funded job brokers because my postcode puts me in an affluential area.


nappyaddict · 22/05/2007 12:01

i know. what annoys me is someone 5 minutes up the road who has a partner and probably more money than me can get the help just because of where they live. half of the houses in the area are bought council houses ffs!

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nappyaddict · 22/05/2007 12:02

oh and don't even get me started on that one. i'm all for the council letting you buy your house after so many years - great way to help folk get on the property ladder. but is it so hard to work out if you sell all your houses you are going to have to build/buy more so you don't have 6 month long waiting lists!

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helenhismadwife · 23/05/2007 16:21

go and moan to your local mp you will be suprised at what they can actually do to help. To me it sounds unreasonable if you need help and cant get it because of where you live thats not fair and could almost be classed as prejudice


NuttyMuffins · 23/05/2007 16:22

Thats what I have done Helen, and mine has written to the Minster invloved in the scheme with reccomendations, and I am now waiting to hear back from him once he gets a reply.


helenhismadwife · 23/05/2007 16:25

nappy addict 6 months on a waiting list thats good some areas you can wait years literally for a 2 or 3 bed house. I feel so sorry for young couples now (god I sound old, actually I am old )


helenhismadwife · 23/05/2007 16:26

good for you nutty it really annoys me bloody postcode for nhs decent nhs services, schools and now help


nappyaddict · 23/05/2007 18:10

yes but i haven't got one yet!

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