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To be smug at my cat?

17 replies

colditz · 21/05/2007 11:52

he keeps spraying so I have arranged, for a low fee of £25, to have his knackers chopped off tomorrow!

"I keep walking past him licking his nuts and sniggering "Yerrrrrs you little sod, make the bloody most of them! he he he."

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Kathyis6incheshigh · 21/05/2007 11:53

PMSL. You bitch.


Beauregard · 21/05/2007 11:53

Shame you couldn't put his knackers on cocktail sticks and serve them to the brainless mother at your toddler group.


mummydoit · 21/05/2007 11:55

I just hope your other half is not in the habit of missing the toilet when he pees. He could be in for a shock!


WanderingTrolley · 21/05/2007 11:56

lol the smugness.

second pfnm

but use a catapult to ping them into her tea.


colditz · 21/05/2007 12:00



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tissy · 21/05/2007 12:01


Diplidophus · 21/05/2007 12:02

Sorry to put a downer - I have had two male cats - neither stopped spraying despite removing their bollocks.


AnnabelCaramel · 21/05/2007 12:03

Miiaaaoooow ow ow ow.


colditz · 21/05/2007 12:04



Tell me it doesn't smell as much?


OP posts:

mommajools · 21/05/2007 12:07

you lick his nuts??


BabiesEverywhere · 21/05/2007 12:08

Colditz, You are doing the right thing by neutering your cat. Yes, his wee will smell less and he is less likely to fight other cats and wander from home.

If he continues to spray around your home, there are other things you can do to stop him depending on what he is marking. Things include foil, citrus sprays, cleaning with biological washing powder and dab with white spirit etc



agnesnitt · 21/05/2007 13:02

If all else fails stalk the wee bugger with a water pistol until he gets the hint

Well done on getting him neutered though, you're being a very responsible cat owner. You'll have to go out and counter-balance it now. Go buy daft shoes or something



Diplidophus · 21/05/2007 13:53

Sorry to be bearer of even more bad news:

It does smell just as much and I tried everything with my cat over the years to deter him (first was worst than second). No 1 died recently and after 15 years of living in cats piss castle, love him as I did, there is a little bit of relief. No 2 pisser is nowhere near as bad. In fact I can jsut about manage to keep on top of it without DP noticing (cats are gone otherwise, he knew that the him or me argument would possibly result in the wrong answer with my first cat, now we have kids not so sure).

Best thing for the scent (IMHO the only thing) is Fabreze.

The good news is that they are definitely nicer for being neutered


colditz · 28/05/2007 09:58

Well, update.

he piddled on the floor today, and it smelled of wee. Not pleasant, but not eye watering in the way that 'Whole Tom" cat piss can be!

And furthermore, he has no bollocks. So I don't feel anything like as cross with him when he does it, I just say to myself "Poor thing, no bollocks!"

he didn't spray either (I caught him at it!), He squatted. Like a girl[smug]

OP posts:

DeJager · 29/05/2007 12:18

Hi, just wanted to add my little bit.
I did a feline behaviour course, I have 5 cats, 2 dogs and work for animal welfare.
A cat (male or female) can spray.
Normally they spray when sick or upset about something. First thing is get the cat to a vet and make sure nothing is wrong, the first thing a sick cat will do, is spray or wee outside the box.

Do not use any cleaning product with bleach and use lemon juice to mask any smell.
Never punish a cat, they don't see the point and it can create further problems.

The water pistol is a great idea, but don't let the cat see you use it, as it will associate you with the pistol and not the pistol with it marking is territory.
Yes, there are things you can use to stop the cat messing in the same place, for example, put his food down where he messes, a cat is a very clean animal and tend to avoid eating and messing in the same place.

Having his fixed is a great idea (for everyone, especially because a cat can father hundreds of kittens and of course, many will end up in a shelter like ours, also it's healthier, and makes them more social with people and other cats, because they don't have a need to go out and find female cats, instead they tend to stay home a bit more and hang out with their humans, also it prevents the spread of disease).

Um...gosh...there is so much you can say on this topic, spraying is the number 1 reason for people giving up their cats
it's very common and like me, sometimes you just have to live with it, as I have a Maine coon that sprays, he always has, and I don't expect him to stop now, he's over 8 years old, and I got him at 17 weeks).

good luck and have fun, your cat is just being a cat, sadly, it's not naughty in his eyes, cause he thinks it totally normal behaviour
It's disgusting though, and very frustrating for any cat owner. Hard when you got kids, cause of course it's not really hygenic.

You can find out the cause, but it would mean doing a survey of the cat and it's environment.

x x x


SpringBunny · 29/05/2007 12:46

Try having a female cat in heat - you get all the males in the neighbourhood spraying indiscriminately!!!

My kitten came into heat unexpectedly early, on a Sat morning and all weekend we were beseiged by male cats of every description making an awful racket and 'marking' everywhere - even my front door

Tuesday morning she was at the vet being done!


colditz · 29/05/2007 20:30

Thanks for that DeJager!

The spraying has really taken off since we went on holiday, (he's punishing me, I'm sure)

I watched him spraying outside earlier, didn't attempt to stop him - I don't care if he does it outside! He was spraying in a steady stream for about 2 minutes solid! I was amazed, to be honest.

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