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to think that a text inviting me to a birthday party on Sunday is about the coming Sunday?

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NotQuiteCockney · 20/05/2007 21:55

And not in fact one two weeks later?

OP posts:

compo · 20/05/2007 21:55

how odd!


ruddynorah · 20/05/2007 21:56

oh dear. did you think it was today?


Cappuccino · 20/05/2007 21:56

I take it you just got back

all embarrassed in your party clothes

who invites people to a party by text fgs? do people not speak anymore?


fireflyfairy2 · 20/05/2007 21:56

I wouldn't send a text though, well, not without putting a date on it

Actually I would think it coming Sunday too


NotQuiteCockney · 20/05/2007 21:56

I got the text on Wednesday. Texted back RSVP a few days later. Went to the (kids) party today. Called the mum, got told it's in two weeks!

OP posts:

NotQuiteCockney · 20/05/2007 21:57

No no, it was this morning. And it was a kids' party. I don't see this mum that much, she's from DS1's old school, but her DS really adores DS1.

OP posts:

bran · 20/05/2007 22:00

Is she generally a bit dippy? That's so annoying. DH and I are always mixed up about this Sunday/next Sunday, but two weeks ahead should definitely have been made clear.

Still, at least you've got the present all wrapped and ready. We are always late for birthday parties because I leave it until the very last minute to find a present and wrap it.


NotQuiteCockney · 20/05/2007 22:03

bran, I have gotten very organised, I hit the local toy store, I bought a stack of generic but nice boy and girl gifts (decorate-your-own-pointless-breakable-thing for girls, and sciency things for boys, sad I know, but whatever) and will use them for all the kids I know sod all about, particularly the girls about whom DS1 says 'oh she likes Barbies'.

But yes, at least the present and card are done, complete with 'happy burfday' etc. And I think a big drawing of some sort of battle.

She isn't scatty at all, by the way. Quite organised. But was no doubt handing out proper paper invites at school with useful details.

OP posts:

fireflyfairy2 · 20/05/2007 22:03

Was ds disappointed to have thought he was for a party when there wasn't one?


NotQuiteCockney · 20/05/2007 22:04

Thankfully, the party was (will be!) at the dreadful local soft play place. So DS1 was perfectly happy just playing there instead, as I never take him there, generally. [evil mum]

It was a bit annoying, because we had an 11-1 party and a 2:30 to 4:30 party, so I took both presents etc, and biked up and over, well over an hours' cycling with the two-weeks' early present in my knapsack the whole way.

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