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Put ds (2.5) in toddler bed. Any tips??

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Thirtyplusafew · 20/05/2007 16:22

On Fri we decided it was time to try ds (2.5) in his new toddler bed. He was very excited and couldn't wait until it was bedtime. Little did we know what a hornets nest we were stirring up! We have had 2 nights of marching ds back to his room (over 40 times per night) until eventually he is worn out (so r we). DS has also woken at 4am each morning, come into our room & expected us to get up . We spent 2 hours this morning marching him back into his room without success. DS thinks it is all a great game. DH wants to go out & buy a new cot. In his wisdom he dumped old cot on Fri, against my advice! DS went to bed at 7.30pm & didn't wake up until 7am when he was in his cot. I think we should stick it out as hopefully he will get it in the end. Should I give up and start again when he is a bit older? Anyone got any advice?

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EvilSmellingBugger · 20/05/2007 16:24

stair gate on the door?
Keep walking them back to bed without a word.
When DS1 plays up like this, after about 6 times, we hold his door shut.
He's been in his toddler bed since 17mths, he's now 2.3yrs.


Thirtyplusafew · 20/05/2007 16:40

We live in a bungalow so we need to keep the door shut otherwise he will hear us going to loo, kitchen etc. We have tried holding the door shut & he goes quiet for about 10 mins so we go back to the living room & then it starts again after a while. DH bought a catch to put on his bedroom door to stop ds from opening it. I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do? When we walk ds in without a word it seems to make no diference, he just laughs and runs around his room.

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EvilSmellingBugger · 20/05/2007 16:43

thinking mode........
My DS sometimes puts his lamp back on and plays in his room for a bit after the door is shut, then we go in before we go to bed and he's flaked out in bed. We turn the light off then leave his door ajar as we usually would.

Does he scream and cry behind the door?


Thirtyplusafew · 20/05/2007 16:56

We used to turn the light off when ds was in cot so have carried on doing the same. I will have to buy him a lamp or night light tom. Perhaps that would help?
No, ds does not cry when we hold the door. He doesn't seem stressed or upset about being in the new bed but just enjoys being able to get out to try to find us. He thinks it is a big game & just laughs at us.

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EvilSmellingBugger · 20/05/2007 17:05

DS's lamp is on his bedside table, he has it on for milk and story, but has turned off when I leave his room, he's learnt to turn it on and off himself.

Personally, as long as he knows you're there for him and his room is safe, I shouldn't worry too much, especially as he's not appearing distressed by the new set up .
It's only been 2 nights, so its still new and exciting for him. He will settle, he's just learning, exploring and trying his boundries with you.


Thirtyplusafew · 20/05/2007 17:10

Thanks for your advice. Hopefully he will get used to it soon. Me & dh will just have to perceiver (sorry can't spell).

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EvilSmellingBugger · 20/05/2007 17:13

No problem, I'm pretty sure he'll settle soon. let me know how you get on. I'll add this to my watch list


Elasticwoman · 20/05/2007 22:36

It's a common problem with no failsafe answer I'm afraid. I've had some success with the holding the door shut. Now that mine are a bit older I can cajole, bribe and threaten. The novelty may wear off esp if you march him silently back as another poster advised.

I knew a couple who kept their son in a cot after he started climbing out of it, in order to put off having the problem you've got, and the child carried on climbing out and broke his arm! So you've done the right thing putting him in a bed when he's ready.


Kidstrak · 20/05/2007 22:44

try a lascal roller gate on the bedroom door you should still be able to close the door, fix it to the outside door facing, my dd went in to a toddler bed at 2yrs 3m and we put her back into bed a few times and she finally got the message


Thirtyplusafew · 21/05/2007 13:16

I only had to march ds back to bed 4 times last night & he stayed in bed until I went in at 7.30am so I am really chuffed as we had a good nights sleep . Everything seems so much better when u get some sleep!!

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BibiThree · 21/05/2007 13:21

We went through a similar thing with dd at 19m, she was trying to escape cot so we thought cot bed was the answer, but she thought it was marvellous fun being free to get in and out of bed whenever she liked and get us up to play with her.

My advice? Be very, very, very boring - don't speak, make eye contact, pick up, just put him back time and time again and the novelty will wear off soon I promise .

Their memories are still quite short at this age, so very soon his bed will be the norm and it won't be exciting to go a-wandering at night anymore. Good luck.


dionnelorraine · 21/05/2007 13:34

Our dd went into a todler bed at 22 months. Luckily for us she loved it and slept through the night. Infact she sleeps better in her bed than she did in her cot!

Stair gate is a good idea. Try and stick it out. It will be worth it in the end. Good luck


EvilSmellingBugger · 21/05/2007 13:36

4 times is good should hopefully get less!


Genidef · 21/05/2007 13:36

We've just gone to toddler bed. She's been pretty quiet but this morning I went in and found evidence of a midnight exploration - books on the floor, stuffed rabbit out of toy box. Am so worried about being able to child proof the room well enough for her!


macmama73 · 21/05/2007 13:53

Are my dc strange in that they didn't even attempt to get out of bed? I think they were both so taken with the novelty that it didn't occur to them to get up!

Glad to hear that your perseverance ( ) paid off!


burstingbug · 28/05/2007 12:49

Thirtyplus, how you getting on?


Thirtyplusafew · 28/05/2007 17:57

Thanks for asking bursting bug.

We have had a couple of good days when ds only came out of room once & then slept till 7am but then we've had some real bad ones where we are putting him back over 20+ times & then he gets up about 2am & we have to put to start all over again!!

Just hoping that eventually he will learn to stay in bed??

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