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to be a bit p*ssed off that dh and I are banished from our louge so everyone can watch footie

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helenhismadwife · 19/05/2007 15:45

dh and I dont like footie not interested in the world cup at all, fil, mil sil and bil currently taking over our sitting room to watch cup final on tv. dh and I sat outside with 4 kids (only 2 ours!!) while they all sit in peace watching. feeling a bit they are only over here 5 days, we live in france and we dont see them very often. I know I could be being unreasonable as footie is not our thing but dh and I have missed last race of f1 season & rugby matches (thats our thing) when we stayed with them, we felt it was rude of us to sit and watch tv while we were visiting. Still thank goodness for wireless or I wouldnt have mumsnet either!!!

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colditz · 19/05/2007 15:50

I wouldn't have that. TV off!


moondog · 19/05/2007 15:51

id send them to a bar


nailpolish · 19/05/2007 15:52

tell them to relocate to the pub

tag along and get a drink or 2


zephyrcat · 19/05/2007 15:52

Agree with colditz! I'd be seriously p'd off!

If it were me I'd stick my head around the door and say you were off out to eat or something and leave them to look after their own kids


helenhismadwife · 19/05/2007 15:52

maybe when they have all finished there few hours in there dh and I will go in and put a film on leaving them with our two cherubs

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VerySensibleKbear · 19/05/2007 15:52

It's the cup final - it's important!! It's only 90 minutes - relax...


unknownrebelbang · 19/05/2007 15:53

I'd send them to a bar too.


unknownrebelbang · 19/05/2007 15:53

Or go to the bar ourselves, leaving the four little cherubs to learn all about footie...


helenhismadwife · 19/05/2007 15:54

I would but our garden chairs are not as comfy as the ones in my sitting room!!

the bars here dont show the cup final lol tour de france manybe

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wheresmysuntan · 19/05/2007 17:45

They are being totally unreasonable -especially expecting you to look after their kids. I don't get why people need silence to watch something as inane as football anyway unless it is that the commentary somehow relieves the tedium.
As it is your house is there a way you could engineer a ''power cut'' ?


helenhismadwife · 19/05/2007 19:24

awww well its all over now,and they were not happy with the result
we 'let' them do the barbeque and clear up as well!!! and the mil and fil put our girls to bed and read stories to the them, they have gone now so dh and I have a nice bottle of wine and a quiet tidy house
will remember the 'power cut' for next time

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