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to think my 5 year old dd is too young to throw a teenage style bitchfit at the drop of a hat.

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dontgetmestarted · 17/05/2007 14:55

hi everybody.
i'm reletively new to mumsnet and i'd like all your opinions as to wether it's normal for my 5 year old dd to have such an arrogant whingy personality so damn early.
if i didn't know better, i'd say she had severe pms.
love her to bits (obviously) but sometimes i really don't like her.
does that sound really awful?.

OP posts:

WanderingTrolley · 17/05/2007 15:00

Sounds normal.


VoluptuaGoodshag · 17/05/2007 15:01

Mine has em at 3. Threw one last night because I'd dared to put the plug in the bath and not let her do it. I don't tolerate it.


Vikkin · 17/05/2007 15:23

After lurking for a few weeks, I just HAD to join to express solidarity on this one! I am having the most horrendous time with my ds of 5. I don't know where this alien has appeared from. I have racked my brains trying to work out where I've gone wrong. And I truly don't think I have. I think I may have the Margaret Thatcher of the 2040s here in my house.
Today I have written her another poem about how great she is for her to find after school. I don't know what else to do as every conversation seems to end up in a hissyfit. I thought I had another ten years before all this!!!


sheepgomeep · 17/05/2007 15:41

It's normal. My 4 year dd is like this.

I can only tolerate so much and she knows this


ripax · 17/05/2007 15:42

don't use the word fit - everyone has a shit fit about it


Rachmumoftwo · 17/05/2007 15:53

It is normal unfortunately, but that doesn't make you unreasonable. My DD age 5 is like a teen at the mo. Hopefully getting it all out of her system and the teenage years wil be a breeze! I don't believe that for a second btw.


GiantSquirrelSpotter · 17/05/2007 15:59

No not unreasonable, just wrong.

My DD started doing it at 2.

Oh well at least we'll have had plenty of practice by the time they do their teenage strops


kslatts · 17/05/2007 16:07

My dd who is 5 is like this, but only at home. At parent's evening the teacher said her behaviour is perfect.


seamonster · 17/05/2007 16:08

Saw this and had to laugh (with not at). I think they change when they start school or nursery.Both my boys (8 & 5) are exactly the same, although it seemed to wear off for a bit until he moved to the juniors (Yr3)when he started getting smartarsed as well.Perhaps she behaves really well at school and needs to blow off some steam with you. This would appear to be my problem! Try to take it as a compliment that she loves and trusts you enough to act this way (just not to her face).
Ha ha


Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh · 17/05/2007 16:10

my dd1 is 16 now and her teenage years started at about 5, but on the brightside they were over with by about 13


lou33 · 17/05/2007 16:12

i discovered a good way to stop ds2 (6) in his tracks from tantrumming

i started recording him on video on my mob phone and threatened to show it to people he knoew

it worked as well!

now when he kicks off i justwave the phone at him, and he calms down and scarpers, lol


Megglevache · 17/05/2007 16:14

Message withdrawn


allgonebellyup · 17/05/2007 16:19

ooh yes i used to do that with my dd, record it on my mobile and show her dad and everyone later, she would start laughing with embarrassment then end up in tears!
Works like a charm....


lou33 · 17/05/2007 16:26

same meg thanks for asking

congrats btw


WelshMum23 · 17/05/2007 16:41

nah my 6yr old son is the same if he cant get his way he stomps and screams his way around the way then crys when he is told to go to his bedroom to think about why that is not acceptable behaviour - he usually comes down 5mins later saying sorry i was rude and next day we do it all over again


dontgetmestarted · 17/05/2007 22:21

thanks everyone for your posts.
collected dd from her after school club earlier and as i saw her through the window, she was there looking all angelic whilst helping her teacher tidy up. the moment she saw me though, a look of absouloute disgust appeared on her face and we had major whinging and moaning all the way home(god i hate whinging kids).
i've tried taking her toys away, naughty step, ignoring, shouting back, but nothing seems to get through to her.
any suggestions?
(gonna try recording her, but got feeling that she'll do it even more for the camera).

OP posts:

lou33 · 17/05/2007 22:39

not if you threaten to show her teacher


luciemule · 17/05/2007 22:44

My DD is exactly the same and it's since she went to school last september. I put it down to mainly tiredness and a bit of confusion as to whether they're supposed to be 'grown up' or still a toddler. Once they get to school, they have a lot more responsibility at school but I think they hold everything back and then blurt it all out and rebel once they get home - or on the way home! I just sit her down and simply explain how difficult she makes it when she acts like this and how tired it makes me. She then says she's sorry and becomes the usual thoughtful cute little angel I also see through the classroom window.

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