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to feel annoyed that in the car parked next to me sat a man smoking while 2 small toddlers were in the back..

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PanicPants · 16/05/2007 19:45

..and the windows shut?

Probably in the wrong topic, but it's makes me feel very sad for those children.

What a totally selfish man

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 16/05/2007 19:46

This is something that winds me up beyond belief.


fireflyfairy2 · 16/05/2007 19:49

IMHO the next law that should be brought in, is no smoking in confined spaces!! ie: a car!


tombley · 16/05/2007 19:53

This is a huge bug bear with me as well. It is quite difficult not to get out and throttle the smoker isn't it?


TooTicky · 16/05/2007 19:55

Dp used to be terrible for this. I am forced to nag.


Shoshable · 16/05/2007 19:55

I got really mad today, when waiting for the school gates to open, we parked in the carpark, listening to a story tape, with the windows open for fresh air, a car pulled up next to us (close enough that I couldn't get the kids out that side grrrrrrrrr) the guy in the car then proceeded to light up, and blow the smoke in my windows, i glared at him , he just looked the other way and Flicked his ash at my car.
I had to wind the windows up, then turned the gruffalo up really high so he couldnt hear his radio


PanicPants · 16/05/2007 19:58

Yes, really difficult. How dare he take that sort of risk with children's health

OP posts:

lou33 · 16/05/2007 20:06

i saw two women in the same car, drive off with fags in their mouths today, and int he back were two little ones, both under the age of being verbal

windows open tho

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