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At neighbours flaunting the wheelbarrow they stole from my garden?

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singingmum · 16/05/2007 14:39

Ok so newish neighbours have a wheelbarrow which is rusted and trashed in same places as the one that was removed from our garden.
Now I know it's just a wheelbarrow and an old one at that but they have parked it in theior front garden directly across from my kitchen window.Tghis is not the first thing that they have done.Their son stole pieces of our trellis last year and then his dad used what he could of the wood and I only realised it wasn't going to be returned when I saw blue stained wood pieces being loaded into their car for the dump.
Other stuff has gone missing on the estate I live on and then amazingly they have an item that was stolen.For example a ladder and a lawnmower went missing from someone we know and then they have new ladder and lawnmower.
This used to be an almost crime free estate and now it's not so the big question is-
AIBU to think these people should just grow up and bugger off?

OP posts:
Tash34 · 17/05/2007 14:00

Thing is these kind of people aren't bothered by the police. The police wouldn't do alot anyway, unless you can prove that a) the barrow def yours and b) that they stole it and you haven't lent it to them. If you get the police involved I fear thats going to aggrevate them even more and so are going to be even nastier. I would go and nick the barrow back and get the polic, council involved as a last resort. Good luck

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