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To want advertisers to stop making ads with annoyingly catchy tunes/jingles?

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PersonalClown · 16/05/2007 12:56

I'm going loony here. I've just caught myself singing the Moonpig advert.
Others guilty of this crime include Shelia's bleedin' Wheels, the AA you've got a friend one and the Lynx ads. (yes I do the Bow-chicka-wow-wow bits)
Why do they insist on torturing me like this? It's just not right.

OP posts:

AnneJones · 16/05/2007 12:58

Sheila's Wheels is Pure Evil


singingmum · 16/05/2007 12:59

Ditto hate this advert and most others


maisemor · 16/05/2007 13:03

Yes you do get some crappy ones, but I will always love the "Everyones a fruit and nut case". maybe it is just because I am a fruit and nut case that I love it

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