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to not expect b*^£"rd cats to use my garden as a toilet??

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lucyellensmum · 16/05/2007 10:09

I know i am being unreasonable, cats will be cats but since our dog died we have done our garden for the baby to play in and now it is full of cat shit. i'll paste this in gardening to see if there are any child friendly cat detterants on the market. I know about lion poo but the zoo here wont give it out anymore (health and safety!)

Cat owners? would you be horribly offended if someone knocked on your door, having never spoken to you before (newish neighbours) and asked if your cats had worms, i am worried about the health implications and could easily get them some wormers.

Gardeners - any child safe, veggie plot safe cat detterants - that work?

OP posts:

LieselVentouse · 16/05/2007 10:12

Phone the police - they love giving out poo fines


TenaLady · 16/05/2007 10:14

I know, its a nightmare. Our Front garden stinks of cat shit as you walk up the drive..

Im off to get a cat of my own on Saturday and see if that shoos them off.


lucyellensmum · 16/05/2007 10:16

yeah, although maybe a little drastic I favour getting a water pistol, i do like cats but i dont want their poo in my veggie patch - ewwwwwww

OP posts:

fryalot · 16/05/2007 10:17

Having had a cat for many years (she sadly died last year) I would be mortified if you marched up my drive and asked if my cat had worms. I would answer no (whether she did or not) and I would never speak to you again

So I wouldn't do that if you want to be on good terms with the neighbours!

Seriously, they won't give you a proper answer, they will say no, whether they worm the cat regularly or not, so there is no point asking.


LieselVentouse · 16/05/2007 10:21

Put pepper down - DH actually puts poison down although I dont agree


TenaLady · 16/05/2007 10:29

Ive tried throwing 2 pint jugs of water over them and they still come back. Hardy bunch of felines out here in hillbilly land.


Tatties · 16/05/2007 10:35

Try throwing orange peel around the garden, they don't like it apparently. I am guessing your grass isn't too long? Ours was a bit overgrown and full of cat poo, but they haven't been back since we've been mowing the lawn regularly.


Weegle · 16/05/2007 10:36

You can buy various cat deterrents at the garden centre.

There is a spray on one but that's not massively good when it rains often but could be good in the summer months.

We have a sonic motion sensor which when triggered emits a high sound (too high for humans) which cats don't like. This has been the most effective - have only had one poo on the lawn since we got it in January. It cost £30 so not cheap when they are not your own cats you're trying to discourage.

Have also read about orange peel, but haven't had success with this.


marieg76 · 16/05/2007 10:38

If you live near to a zoo, you might be able to buy some lion poo. It sounds funny I know but a little bit here and there in your garden (obviously out of the way of DC. The smell of a far bigger cat will put off the neighbourhood moggies for sure


kookaburra · 16/05/2007 10:41

have the garden hose ready - at least until there's a hospeipe ban.
I've grown a thick hedge border of trees covered and clematis,honeytsuckle etc on the side where the neighbour has a cat an have not seen it in our garden since that hedge big and bushy (a bit long term, but our has grown in 2 years)


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 16/05/2007 10:46

I'v tried the orange peel, lemon peel, pepper and moth balls, none of it worked in our case. If anyone does find a solution, pleeeeease share it cos I'm having the same problem, despite owning a cat myself! (it's not him cos he uses a tray)


Wags · 16/05/2007 10:48

This is driving me crazy as well and we have 2 dogs but the cats come in the night to do their business. I have 2 options to worry about, either one of my dogs eats it or my son tries to pick it up. The cats near us don't cover it up they do it on the lawn which is revolting. My son sees me pick up the dog poo the whole time so only has to see some and launches towards it even though I have said a hundred times, dirty, Mummy pick it up. Really, really bugs me as my dogs are wormed etc then they go and eat some other horrible mangy unwormed moggies shit.. aaarrrggghhh. Saw something advertised in one of those leaflets that comes with the Sunday papers of a device that has a sensor that picks up anything then sprays it with water. Works up to 90 mtrs I think but obviously it has to be attached to the hosepipe. Do the ones that omit high pitched sounds affect dogs? Maybe I will try one of them and have it on at night. I have actually asked one of the neighbours (casually of course) if their cats are wormed. She didn't seem to mind me asking and said they were but it still bugs me.


BarryScott · 16/05/2007 10:49

Leisel at your sh putting poison down!

I like marieg76 idea


BarryScott · 16/05/2007 10:49

sorry I was too busy thinking about shit there - your dh not your sh


BadZelda · 16/05/2007 10:50

I've got that problem too - they use the gravelly bit on our side return as a litter tray. Have tried pepper, dettol, orange peel, spraying them with a hose, etc....will keep an eye on this thread and see if anyone comes up with an answer!


SoMuchToBits · 16/05/2007 10:50

Thething that really annoys me is that if you mention to cat owners about the fact that other people's cats poo in your garden, they usually say "Oh, but cats always bury it in the earth afterwards."

Not in our garden they don't


PeachyChocolateEClair · 16/05/2007 10:54

I'd be offended hugely by the impication that my cat had not been wormed, or that I wouldnt care about them (or my kids) enough to do that without being told, to be honest. Because thats how I would read the question. Sorry.

Liesel somebody poisoned our old cat and the Police and RSPCA were involved. Seriosuly not worth the hassle (or cruelty). We've also had a builder put paint remover on one cat, that cost us vet bills for a year before the burn healed (well will do, not quite gone yet).

As far as I know theres no way of doing this, a water pistols wuld work but cats are largely nocturnal (another reason not to upset neighbours- its likely a stray as cats stick to own territory mainly).

What you can do (this sounds silly but have used this with success) is identify a verge or similar where cat poo would be acceptable and plant some nepeta (catmint) close by as this will tempt cats towards that area and they will poo close (but not in same place). So if you have an open patio front garden some nepeta in a tub would mean cats are closer tot he front where theyc ant poo, than the back iyswim?


Wags · 16/05/2007 11:03

Peachy, I might be a bit wary about planting a 'special' place for them as it might run the risk of getting even more cats although I appreciate it would be in a place which would not be near the baby. I emptied a tub of potting earth (or whatever its called, I am no gardener) in my front garden and next doors new (3rd) cat used it as a toilet but I only realised when I kept smelling something when I went to the car each day. When I looked there was at least 10 piles that I could see and more burried.... Gross. I know the kids can't get near it but still horrible.


fryalot · 16/05/2007 11:03

SoMuchToBits: My cat always used to try and bury hers, but she wasn't very good at it, and normally just created a little pile of dirt next to her poo


pucca · 16/05/2007 11:04

Has this not been done? time and time again!


PeachyChocolateEClair · 16/05/2007 11:06

Ctually the idea as that is was away from the area of tour garden where they can bury poo


MrsTucky · 16/05/2007 11:07

I also would be very offended if someone came knocking to ask if I wormed my cats..(when I still had them).

It's as Peachy says, you're implying that we don't care enough about our pets to ensure they're properly looked after. Mine were always fleed and wormed regular as clockwork.

I did feel extrememly crap when the woman 2 doors up told me one of the cats was shitting in her bird bath I did offer to go daily to clean it, but she refused this. I did try.


Wags · 16/05/2007 11:16

But I don't understand why you are so offended that someone asked. If they don't know you personally then they are not implying you are an awful, uncaring person or anything they just have concerns about their own children which is natural. When I had friends who came round with babies even before I had mine I would explain that one of my dogs did mess in the garden, it was towards the back of the garden, the dog is wormed and I would supply a rug or blanket for the baby to lie on to put their mind at rest. If they had asked me before that if the dogs were wormed then I would have just reassure them. No offence taken they love their kids so its natural.


PeachyChocolateEClair · 16/05/2007 11:25

But we have kids too, and anyone local would know that: so theres also an assumption (or would be in my mnd) that you care more about your kids than me.

Us cat ownders generally take great pride in our pets (mine both being nursed bacl from the cruel brink of death by abuse). It would be very close in all honestly to stopping me in the street and asking I check my kids ahir for nits


Wags · 16/05/2007 11:34

Oh well, probably confirms that a)I am thick skinned and b) I go around offending people. Oh dear. Thank goodness my RL friend on here is on holiday she would probably agree!!

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