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to be repulsed by the filthy comforter bear blanky thing that ds's 3.5 year old playdate carries everywhere?

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AIBUhag · 15/05/2007 17:29

I know I am being horrible and she is only 3.5. But it is really disgustingly filthy and she keeps leaving it everywhere.

Is it a girl thing? None of mine ever had one.

OP posts:

UCM · 15/05/2007 17:30

No, just be thankful that it's not one of yours. Bear in mind that, a bit of dirt never hurt anyone, in this country.


AIBUhag · 15/05/2007 17:34

oh its not a hygiene worry, I mean I don't care about GERMS.

It is just, well, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww

OP posts:

allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:35

i know 3 boys who take their filthy brown rags everywhere with them , they call them "snugglies" or something. i call them foul pieces of rag-skank.


CaptainUnderpants · 15/05/2007 17:38

Muslins cloths being carried round by 3.5 yr olds & older have the same effect on me , but beware you may have a backlash on this thread soon about that they comfort the child etc etc


AIBUhag · 15/05/2007 17:39

it really is vile

she sucks it too so it is all wet

OP posts:

NoodleStroodle · 15/05/2007 17:39

Yes - I know an 8 year old who still has one. It looks as though rats are nesting in it. Yeuuch


noddyholder · 15/05/2007 17:41

Its ok when its your own child but someone elses is always annoying and stinky!


allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:42

oh my god. there should be a law banning them. or at least lock the things away during the daytime to only have at night.

i mean, they are probably inhaling asbestos off the bloody things. That, or general skank-dust-phlegm-snot combinations..


niceglasses · 15/05/2007 17:44

Mine has 'cushie' - hes 6!!

His or anyone elses never bovvered me tbh.

I do wash 'em occassionaly.


SoMuchToBits · 15/05/2007 17:47

Ds still has his "snuzzle socks" a pair of small white socks but I do wash them every day so he has a clean pair daily, so they are never skanky.


nightowl · 15/05/2007 17:47

dont people wash them then? easy to whip away when child is asleep. dd has a ripped up old towel (am assuming it was a hand towel once although i cant be sure )

its always clean though.


melminx · 15/05/2007 17:47

my dd1 had a bunny she used to take everywhere we called it smelly bunny. she loved this this and would cry beyond belief if it wasnt in her arms. i used to have to get up in the middle of the night wash it and dry it and get it back in her arms before she woke up and realise it was gone. She still has it but thankfully doesnt follow her everywhere she goes well she is almost 11 now! but it did stink and it was gross but she adored it!


NomDePlume · 15/05/2007 17:49

the thing with washing favourite toys/blankets etc is that not only does it wash the dirt/germs/random grub away but it also washes away the smell. For DD the smell of her favourite thing (a tiny blue beanie hippo toy) is one of the most important things about him. He smells familiar and is a comfort to her.


NomDePlume · 15/05/2007 17:51

dd also had a 'smelly bunny', it was dumped in favour of Hugo when she was around 18 months old. She is 4.5 now and she loves the bones of that hippo


allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:53

my dd has a blanket with her every night and i hate the damn thing - she is nearly 8 ffs! the label is brown and smells of wee so wash it at every chance.

i dont care if it washes the freakin smell away, thats the whole point!!!!!!


niceglasses · 15/05/2007 17:54

They don't like them when washed, well mine doesn't anyhow.


SoMuchToBits · 15/05/2007 17:55

We have always washed ds's socks so he is used to it. Think he likes the smell of the washing powder lol!


allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:55

my dd HATES hers when washed

i just smile and look smug


Hilllary · 15/05/2007 17:55

Oh my dd's got one of these, its well loved shall we say

Smell - yes it stinks and when its away from her long enough to be washed you will find her outside under the washing line holding the end of it and swaying back and forth with it in the wind


nightowl · 15/05/2007 17:57

ah right i get you about the smell, hadn't thought of that, dd never notices.


nightowl · 15/05/2007 17:58 it seems i've found one thing that doesn't bother just to deal with the other 100 or so things to tantrum about...


allgonebellyup · 15/05/2007 17:59

hillary - my dd does that hovering under the washing line thing too, with the label stuck to her lip, and she kinda humms and twiddles her hair at the same time...the neightbours think shes a nutter


Flamesparrow · 15/05/2007 18:03

Mine seems to like the smell of fairy, so all is ok


LazyLine · 15/05/2007 18:06

LOL Hillary

My boy has a taggie that he adores more than anything. It never makes it from the washing machine to the line, he'll have it wet.

DH calls it "stinking rag" though I did buy another one so I could swap them out and keep them clean.


saltire · 15/05/2007 18:15

I used to CM a little girl between the age of 3 -6. She had a bath towel that she used to stick part of in her mouth and drag the rest along with her. I used to shudder when i had to touch it, it was wet and manky. She used to take it school, and would stand in the line with it hanging from her mouth.

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