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To think DP cpould at least shut the door when he comes in in not lock it.

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kimi · 15/05/2007 07:34

Stupid bloody man. He went out with his friend last night and got in about 11.00pm,
I got up this morning and the front door was open .

He does not see why I am cross. I have two children who I would very much like not to have stolen from their beds, I have no desire to be raped in mine, and I don't want to have to replace the T.V and computers.

I check the doors and windows at night, I unplug things to try and keep my children safe, Still I am a parent and he s not, maybe that is why he can't understand why I am cross.

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electra · 15/05/2007 07:35

I would be cross about that too.


LittleEgg · 15/05/2007 07:51

Oooh I would be [angy] too. More angry that he doesn't see the problem, than that he actually left the door open (I have done similar things in the past, albeit well before I had kids). If he was full of apologies today it would be different.


LittleEgg · 15/05/2007 07:51



kimi · 15/05/2007 08:06

He seems to think I am over reacting, and that newspapers make up stories about children being snatched!!!! (hello have we not seen the papers the last 11 days, was a child not taken from her bath a few months ago?) Ok it is not an every day thing but it does happen.
I mean the basics of keeping the children, me, him and the house safe is shut the fecking door!!

Bet he would feel differently had some bloody tom cat got in and sprayed everywhere.

I am cross he left the door open, and I am more cross he can't see why I am cross!!!!

OP posts:

anorak · 15/05/2007 08:15

Blimey kimi, doesn't the situation with the debt-collectors even worry him?

(the people who used to live in kimi's house still have debt collectors chasing them a year later and she has to fend them off)


tiredemma · 15/05/2007 08:17

Dp did this one night last week, I was LIVID.



benandalex · 15/05/2007 08:21

my dh has done this before too and can never seem to see what my prob is. i was broken into while he was in afghanistan even though i had locked all the doors ect so am even more security concious now


SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 15/05/2007 08:40

i would be fuming, he needs to get some perspective!

iv done this when we went out, but have never done it with the kids in the house, im too paranoid to forget!


kimi · 15/05/2007 18:48

Anorak he does not worry about the last peoples debt collectors calling, we get at least 3 letters a week and phone calls and bailiffs calling.
I am fed up of saying no I am not ms xxxxxxx
She moved a year ago, blah blah blah.

I was more worried that something could have happened to my children.
DP does not see it that way.

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