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in feeling that DH should shove his bad temper where the sun don't shine.

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OrmIrian · 14/05/2007 18:00

Yes, he's giving up fags again. In the last few years he has done this so many times. With the help of the nicotine nurse and Alan (sp) Carr and without. And each time he has been a total PITA. He came home 20 mins ago and proceeded to snap and shout at everyone. It has cost us a fortune in nicotine chewing gum and patches - last time it was on the NHS - and each time he has gone back to the dreaded weed. I've supported him all the way and put up with all the cr*p he gives us all. And TBH this time I feel like snapping back at him. Your addiction, your problem, don't take it out on the rest of us! But I suppose I won't......

Gawd the next few weeks is going to be hell .

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rowan1971 · 14/05/2007 18:02

He's doing it so that you'll say 'oh, fgs, if you're going to be like this you should just carry on smoking.' Sounds like he's planning to fail (tho I hope I'm wrong).


bananabump · 14/05/2007 18:03

Just my total utter and complete sympathy here. My dp is an absolute nightmare without fags, and while I feel so guilty doing it, sometimes I do just say "oh, piss off to the shop and get some, stop snapping at me!"

What can you do, eh?


OrmIrian · 14/05/2007 18:04

I think the kids and I may leave home for a while. He's gone to take DS#1 to cricket and take DS's friend home. He even spoke sharply to DS's friend for no good reason - so embarrassing

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CaptainUnderpants · 14/05/2007 18:05

i so feel for you, my Dh is eactly the same , each year he says he is going to stop smoking , each year I put up with the bad temper.

Last year he went to NHS classes , only went to three , 'work committments you know' got aload of patches on NHS , had a stressful time in work, started smoking again. Patches still in cupboard , that has really pissed me off as valuable NHS money wasted there !

Anyway as July 1st rapidly appraoches with the ban in public places I am gearing myslef up for another 'I'm giving up smoking '.

I think we need to start a supporters thread , not for DH but for us who have to put up with bad temper .


OrmIrian · 15/05/2007 07:54

Well he came back from cricket still snapping at everyone. CAlmed down a little after dinner but woke up in a foul temper again. Hope his work mates enjoy his company today

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