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in thinking these women sit on the internet all day

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TwirlyN · 14/05/2007 14:10

just to watch the weather so they know exactly when it will rain. One has just stuck a second load out. Meanwhile i have spent the day thinking no i won't put it out, looks like it's going to rain again, and i have to pop in and out today. Urghhh why do i always get the weather wrong.

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luciemule · 14/05/2007 14:12

If there are dark grey clouds, it stays in the tumbler if sunny or light grey clouds (or I don't smell rain) it goes out! My mother always just sticks it out but is always having to run to get it in and it's always wetter than when it went out!When I read your title, I thought you were going to say sitting mumsnetting all day!


cardy · 14/05/2007 14:13

what? on mumsnet?


TwirlyN · 14/05/2007 14:18

ah ha got you, is that a guilty conscience. The problem we have here right now is, dark grey clouds, sun, light grey clouds, rain, sun, downpour, dark grey clouds, sun, light grey clouds, downpour, sun, sun, rain, are you getting the picture. meanwhile, i am still at this time of day thinking shall i. I'm sure my neighbour has spent the whole day sitting at her back door. 2 flamin' loads, how?

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