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to expect the postage to be paid by the sender rather than me?

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Panyanpickle77 · 14/05/2007 13:11

I have just had to travel 2 miles and pay £1.26 to collect a myterious parcel from the post office. On getting the said parcel I find it is my long awaited application to be a breast feeding councellor, and rather than just sending the relevant info, they have stuffed the envelope full of rubbish about local health care and I have payed for the pleasure. It wouldn't be so bad but its a voluntary role.

OP posts:

hayes · 14/05/2007 13:14

ppl make mistakes I don't think they intentionally sent the letter with no postage...mistakes happen


Panyanpickle77 · 14/05/2007 13:18

They had put a first class stamp on it.........but it was obviously going to be more than that. I just fancied a quick moan cus I was annoyed.

OP posts:

mummydoit · 14/05/2007 14:11

This has happened to me a couple of times. One was a comic my mum sent to my DS. It was only a couple of pence over but they add an administration charge. The nice man in the post office let me off because he thought it was unreasonable! The second one was unsolicited advertising which really annoyed me. Receiving junk mail is bad enough without having to pay for the privilege.


Stigaloid · 14/05/2007 14:53

My brother's solution to this type of thing is posting back a brick unpaid for!

Although possibly a bit harsh from a charity point of view - i'd certainly call them and inform them that they under paid and cost you money.


strawberry · 14/05/2007 14:56

If you open it in front of the postman and it is unsolicited junk mail, you can give it back and no charge!


mummydoit · 14/05/2007 15:55

Strawberry, I wish I'd known that!


nightowl · 14/05/2007 16:10

not everyone understands the new postal rates. an example of this i saw recently was having to pay postage plus £1 admin fee on something i received purely because the envelope, even though completely flat was not actually A4, only just too big to go through the sizer and was classed as a package, not large letter. stupid but true.


hayes · 14/05/2007 16:13

mrsaek - thats more annoying when they put a stamp on and guess it will be ok. My granny suffers from dementia a card was put thru her door saying a letter was underpaid and she was distraught about it. SO I collected it - no stamp on it at all, took it back and she opened it to find it was an election leaflet for the now past election!


contentiouscat · 14/05/2007 16:15

I thought you were going to be one of those annoying people who complain about how much ebay sellers charge!

The local primary school did this with the starters pack last year and offered to reimburse us for the mistake. I would mention to the sender just conversationally that the pack needs more postage on it - perhaps they will offer to pay it back.

I like the idea of sending a brick back though - I get very upset about the amount of junk mail I am getting now and was about to start putting it back into the mailbox. I registered with the MPS and also found a page on the Royal Mail website where you can opt out of unaddressed mail - of course rather than doing it via the website they have to send you a form to fill in and are taking their time about it, then I have to post it back


agnesnitt · 14/05/2007 16:33

If you get unsolicited junk mail that has a pre-paid envelope in it you can have much fun with filling them up to send back. Other junk mail is always a good one (especially if it's mail for companies offering the same service). Pebbles, maybe a nice slice of brick or something good and heavy. As long as you can seal it you can pop it back in the postbox and have it wend it's way back to the sender.



contentiouscat · 14/05/2007 23:57

Agnes is as wicked as me


agnesnitt · 15/05/2007 00:48

Thank ye


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