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to accuse dp of having an affair because he diddn't ring me to say goodnight last night?

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Carmenere · 13/05/2007 14:01

He is away at his masters weekend course, he goes every three weeks. I don't really think he is but my mad pre-menstrual mind goes to horrible places
He is now a bit annoyed with me.

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theUrbanDryad · 13/05/2007 14:03

i don't think you really need an answer to this, do you??

are you ok now?


Carmenere · 13/05/2007 14:04

Well I am a bit weepy but I know it is hormonal iykwim.

OP posts:

colditz · 13/05/2007 14:04

Have a Bounty bar, and a good think about it, with a cup of tea.


foxinsocks · 13/05/2007 14:05

snort, you loon. Isn't this his martial arts thing?

Remember to pretend you are having a fabulous time when he calls again .


theUrbanDryad · 13/05/2007 14:07

better still, have 2 Bounty bars (the milk chocolate ones, not the plain, natch!) and a large bar of Galaxy. and a cup of tea.

the blow your nose, and txt dp and say you're a bit weepy and you're sorry. of course he's no having an affair. he's just forgetful and unthinking. like most men.



Carmenere · 13/05/2007 14:09

I'm feeling very fat and unattractive(I had 2 chicken and parmesan sandwiches for lunch). No chocolate in the house atm However I might bake some brownies as dd and dp would like them and there would be the theraputic benefits of baking.

OP posts:

foxinsocks · 13/05/2007 14:16

ooh brownies. V good idea. COoking is very therapeutic isn't it.


Idreamofdaleks · 13/05/2007 14:16

take some evening primrose oil
confess you were pre - men


Carmenere · 13/05/2007 16:39

Ok I have made some conciliatory brownies, hopefully I won't eat them all before he gets home........

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