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to expect Pizza Express to have a glass to fit my drink

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miggy · 12/05/2007 21:35

I ordered a white wine spritzer at lunch time today (yes I know poncey drink but lets not go there ). It came as a full glass of wine and a bottle of soda water, I asked if I could have a bigger glass so I could actually mix the 2 but was told that that was the biggest glass they had, FGS did he expect me, when he brought the drink, to take a mouthful of wine from the glass and a swig of soda from the bottle to mix it in my mouth! After some negotiation he agreed that I could have a soft drink glass so that I could pour in half the wine and half the soda (then I sent him all the way back for ice as I was peeved by that point )
Thing is its not some strange aberration, had exactly the same experience in a different pizza express a few months ago-Bizarre!

OP posts:

fransmom · 12/05/2007 21:36

good grief


stressteddy · 12/05/2007 21:37

V strange. It's not exactly an unusual drink is it??



Saturn74 · 12/05/2007 21:37

take your own bucket next time!


fransmom · 12/05/2007 21:38

these big enough?


miggy · 12/05/2007 21:40

Fransmom-might send that link to their head office.
Love the idea of taking my own bucket next time!

OP posts:

fransmom · 12/05/2007 21:42


Furrymummy · 12/05/2007 21:59

, having ordered a wine spritzer I would expect the wine and the soda water to be in the same glass. So no, YANBU!

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