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to think that when I've been good enough to make dp a cup of tea......

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fryalot · 12/05/2007 18:14

even though I put the sugar in the wrong cup and he's using my cup, he should hurry up and drink it so I can have my mug back for my next cup?

OP posts:

Boco · 12/05/2007 18:16

Is your mug the one that says 'y'don't ave to be mad to work here - but it helps!'


fryalot · 12/05/2007 18:18

as it happens, since you asked, my mug has Tinkerbell on it, and it holds a pint of tea. Dd1 bought it for me

OP posts:

Boco · 12/05/2007 18:21

A pint!

No wonder it's taking him a while to drink.


fryalot · 12/05/2007 18:21

but I want another drink

OP posts:

Furrymummy · 12/05/2007 19:02

Just tell him he looks like a big girl's blouse drinking out of your tinkerbell cup

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