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In thinking that dh has turned into Ann Widdecome? Or any other mad old bat.

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nogoes · 11/05/2007 13:54

I know I am not being unreasonable but want to have a moan anyway.
I am looking for a job at the moment. Ideally paid but I would consider voluntary if it sounds interesting enough. Found a position on a volunteering website which sounded really good. THey are looking for someone to provide career support to prisoners about to be released. Guidance on CV writing, interviews etc and practial help on helping them find jobs. I have relevant experience and would really enjoy it. Anyway the job is a bit of a no brainer because the prison is in a rural area and I can't get there without a car and can't afford to buy a car unless I find a paid job. I said to dh "oh what a shame I would have been really interested in that". He looked at me like I had suggested cutting off my own legs for fun and said "You have got to be joking, I have heard it all now, you really are quite stupid aren't you?"
FFS what is his problem??? I can't go for the job anyway because of the location but I am really peed off with his reaction. It is an open prison, really low category offenders, I think it is a really worthwhile job because it stands to reason that if someone is employed there is less chance of them reoffending. I think Dh has visions of all these men sat behind bars fully muzzled up Silence of the Lambs style licking their lips and hissing whilst I am there in my suit discussing the benefits of employment agencies...

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RosaLuxembourg · 11/05/2007 13:58

And what did you say to him - 'You really are quite rude, aren't you?' Because he was. What is it with some men that they think they can talk to their wives like that?
YANBU in my opinion.


Bink · 11/05/2007 14:11

I really loved the image of someone dh's morphing into a squarefaced bag with amateurly dyed hair. Nearly as scary as ds's bad dream "about a dangerous potato".

It's the "you are [demeaning adjective] aren't you?" formulation that is so rude - backing you into a corner from which you can't escape except by contradiction or counter-insult & so coming down to his level.

Dealing with that needs deflection tactics. I'll have a think.


nogoes · 11/05/2007 14:18

A dangerous potato . Vivid imagination he must have

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AnneJones · 11/05/2007 17:05

What an awful, condescending thing to say to you. Regardless of what prompted it, I would be very very angry if my DH told me I was really quite stupid.

So there are two issues, one being his rudeness and the other being his closed-minded attitude the prisoners. (The job sounded like a really worthwhile thing to do, I thought - shame it isn't practical for your situation.)


Elasticwoman · 11/05/2007 17:15

Yes your dh was very rude - deserving of deaf&dumb breakfast if not a well aimed kick.
He has not even said exactly what his objection is. What a pity he can't articulate it without descending to very unenlightening abuse.

I once got into a correspondence with a very violent lifer in Broadmoor. There was an opportunity to go and visit him but I chickened out and dh went instead!


MrsWho · 11/05/2007 19:34

Thats the best thread title I have seen in years



rabbleraiser · 11/05/2007 19:37

Oh, I dunno. I rather like Ann Widdecombe .


chopchopbusybusy · 11/05/2007 19:43

Maybe he just happened to pick up a copy of the Daily Mail en route to work today and took it seriously


Elasticwoman · 11/05/2007 20:16

Lol, chopchop


stleger · 11/05/2007 20:58

I had a similar job years ago and it was great!


AnnWiddecombe · 11/05/2007 21:11

You calling me a mad old bat??


AnnWiddecombe · 11/05/2007 21:11

Why thank you rabble


KathyMCMLXXII · 11/05/2007 21:13

Ann Widdecombe, what are you doing on here? I thought you were a virgin.


AnnWiddecombe · 11/05/2007 21:17

Have you not heard about my hot latino lover ? It's all true


KathyMCMLXXII · 11/05/2007 21:18

Ah I thought something might be up when you turned blonde.
Good luck to you. Enjoy.


AnnWiddecombe · 11/05/2007 21:19

Think I'll go now


nogoes · 12/05/2007 10:01

You lot are mad.

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