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To be p*****d off with another mother at tumbletots?

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Lovecat · 11/05/2007 13:34

Probably, but I need to vent!

Have to confess, this woman annoys the holy crap out of me anyway because she brings her dd along to tumbletots every week clad in full-on frilly/lacy monsoon outfits with matching accessories, which I find mildly ridiculous considering she's going to be scrambling up ladders/through tunnels/all over a none-too-clean church hall floor, but that's by the by...

What has thrown me over the edge is, today, we were going behind her in a circuit, part of which was to walk along a balance beam then do 5 bounces on the mini-trampolene before jumping onto the crashmat and running around to the next bit of equipment.

Well, her dd was bouncing away on the trampolene, my dd was wobbling precariously on the edge of the balance beam, waiting her turn, this woman paid NO attention whatsoever to the queue of wobbling 2yr olds building up behind her but just kept on bouncing her dd up and down, THEN turned to me, simpered and said 'oh, Tarquinella* DOES love the trampolene!' and CONTINUED to bounce the child up and down!

At this point we gave up and moved around her, onto the next thing, but the child behind us was an older boy (about 5)who has learning difficulties, who also loves to bounce, and she STILL refused to move her precious child onward, so he hurled himself to the floor and shrieked and STILL this bloody woman kept bouncing her dd! It was only when one of the TT ladies then said something to her that she eventually moved her on! And 5 minutes later when she'd gone around the circuit we were back to the same situation!

Not being funny, but all our children like to jump on the trampolene, so why tf does this cow think her dd has absolute rights to it?? Really annoyed!!!!

*child's name changed from something equally horrific for purposes of anonymity

OP posts:
eidsvold · 12/05/2007 23:24

not being unreasonable and as the mother of a sn child really feel for the mother of and the little 5yo boy who would not understand tarqunella's need to bounce more than 5 times. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

binkleandflip · 12/05/2007 23:29

Oh pleaaaaaseee.....

Does it matter in the great big scheme of things girls???

Not unreasonable just daft IMO. Tumbletots sessions et al are hard wired to wind even the sanest mum up at any rate, they are bitchfests wrapped up in a cloak of 'togetherness', 'bonding' and 'fun' and to a wheels on the bus soundtrack - just very,very,very .... not good.

eidsvold · 12/05/2007 23:32

it does if you are the mother of a 5yo who has no idea why tarquinella is still on the trampoline and he can't understand any attempt you make at an explanation and so has a meltdown that could last all day.....

It also does if you pay these people to prvide tumbletots and they can't manage the parents and children.

binkleandflip · 12/05/2007 23:36

Exactly - the whole things a bleeding wind up. I dont think the women, ignorant though she was, was purposely thinking, "I know, I'll be mean to the special needs kid" - you're not suggesting that surely - it's just parents - we're hard wired to indulge our kids and if her Tarquinella wanted to bounce 27 times then by God! She's paid like everyone else and her Tarquinella WOULD bounce 27 you see? We're all afflicted with it so it seems a bit drama-queen-esque to get in a faff about it?

Anyway, what do I know?

eidsvold · 13/05/2007 00:03

so lets teach tarquinella by that behaviour that whatever she wants - that is 27 bounces - she can have at the expense of others - no point in teaching her consideration for others and turn taking then. Surely once a child has gone into meltdown you would realise that perhaps you were taking the piss a bit now and tarquinella needs to move on and realise that her turn involves 5 bounces not as long as she likes.

rattleskuttle · 13/05/2007 00:17

oh god, that's the sort of thing i do. go around completely unaware of everyone else letting my dd bounce a hundred times or whatever. it's good to be laid back 'though

Chandra · 13/05/2007 00:23

I love TT much more since DS has moved into the next age group... the children sort their own problems while we, their mothers, happily ignore each other while waiting at the gym's cafe.

Chandra · 13/05/2007 00:25

However, I would be livid at the mother who ignored a melt down, and kept to ignore the needs of the others.

twentypence · 13/05/2007 07:21

You have to say "I love the way tumbletots teaches them to count to 5 and be considerate of other children - and I'm sure that Tarquinella will catch up with the others soon."

twentypence · 13/05/2007 07:24

But please don't do what I have just found out that a whole heap of mothers have done with one of my classes and just leave without saying why.

I genuinely did not see that one girl wound the other parents up so much. If one of them had had a quiet word I could have managed the situation.

Miaou · 13/05/2007 08:25

twentypence, what was she doing to upset everyone so much?? sorry about the effect on your class though!

CaptainUnderpants · 13/05/2007 08:39

Tumble Tots - those were the days eh ??

Yes I would have been annoyed too, but I think if I was there with DS2 he would have pushed her off ! . We didn't do TT for long

fryalot · 13/05/2007 08:43

we have a child a bit like this at ours - every so often you'll hear his mother shout (from the other side of the room) "Tarquin dear, don't bounce on Petronella" before she goes back to her uber important convo about shoes or whatever!

Tis highly irritating and if I was a braver squonk, I would bop her on the bonce.

  • names have also been changed to protect the (not so) innocent
LittleMouseWithCLogsOn · 13/05/2007 08:55


twentypence · 13/05/2007 10:34

Apparently she had an annoying shriek which the others were starting to imitate.

I don't remember her shriek - but I do remember that she would match my high pitches. Which was very musical. I had no idea it would be annoying though.

RubberDuck · 13/05/2007 10:46

Lovecat: mention it to the tumbletots leader, really.

Mine is fab. Had a problem (with my own ds2 rather than another child - he just wouldn't participate and I'd spend the whole session feeling like I was wrestling with him) and was considering leaving because it was such a chore.

She then started participating in the trains (although she had enough staff there not to) and would take a smaller "naughty boy" train around with ds2 and a couple of other little boys who were struggling to ... let's say... retain focus . She was firm with them, but within a couple of sessions the kids were having so much fun. Continued it for a term and now ds2 ADORES tumbletots.

He goes into the big group now (where you can abandon them and go for coffee ) and is doing exceptionally well. Apparently he still has the attention span of a gnat, but approaches it all with enthusiasm and gusto It's the highlight of our week.

Anyway, that was my longwinded way of saying talk out your frustrations with your group leader, it can make a lot of difference.

phoebebouffet · 15/05/2007 01:01

PMSL at Tarquinella and little Mouse with the 'oi posh bitch' comment - in fact PMSL at this whole thread - the sarcasm not the the issue agree with Eidsvold 100%!

phoebebouffet · 15/05/2007 01:03

What does YABU and YANBU mean?

OggsFrog · 15/05/2007 01:15


You Are Being Unreasonable if you haven't twigged what You Aare Not Being Unreasonable means yet

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