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To expect MN to come with an addiction warning. I have done NOTHING all bloody day.....again..

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apeainapod · 09/05/2007 18:20


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kimi · 09/05/2007 18:23


NoodleStroodle · 09/05/2007 18:25

Nor have I but have just sprayed furniture polish around house so smells like I cleaned


kimi · 09/05/2007 19:39

NS that's the tip of the day....


phoebebouffet · 15/05/2007 01:43

I know isn't it addictive - I daren't even look at the time, really should be in bed as I'm gonna be up again at 3/4am to feed my lo! I love it - expecially these AIBU threads.


kokeshi · 15/05/2007 01:53

You know what, I had loads to do today but I've been really preoccupied with MN. Hadn't been on for ages and checked in a couple of days ago, I've hardly left it alone since. I do like night times though. Days just scare me, there are so many threads to wade through.


Furrymummy · 15/05/2007 02:31

I'm going on holiday on wednesday to see dad in spain. good job he's got internet access so i don't miss my daily fix of mn!!!

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