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to leave 4 month old with someone I don't know

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Tabkat · 09/05/2007 15:14

I am new to MN. Have recently joined a babystting agency called Sitters which has a good reputaion and booked a babysitter for tomorrow night. I am now feeling very anxious about this and very close to cancelling. What should I do?

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nailpolish · 09/05/2007 15:15

do they do disclosure?
could you book her for an hour earlier than you need her and have time for a chat and get to know her a bit?


janinlondon · 09/05/2007 15:19

If it helps at all, many of us here use Sitters. I did come back after only an hour on the first occasion I used them, but have had the same two or three women over three years and have been very happy with them.


JodieG1 · 09/05/2007 15:21

I wouldn't but if you're happy them then I'm sure everything will be fine.


Tabkat · 09/05/2007 15:24

I have trawled through the archives to get some info on Sitters - the majority of which has been positive. Nailpolish - am not sure what you mean by disclosure?

Am not just sure whether it is first time mother panics or whether I should be staying in! Have booked the sitter for 45 mins earlier than I need her.

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CaptainUnderpants · 09/05/2007 15:26

Sitters check out all their babysitters - I have considered being a baysitter for them and at my face to face interview was asked for the following:

Current passport or driving licence
A ultily bill, bank statement etc with my address on it
Names and current contact details of 3 references including 2 who previuosly or curretnly employed me in a childcare role.

Also they ask for any of the following if you may have it.

childcare qualification
childminding cert
CRB disclosure checks.

I would omagine that most people who sign to be one of their babysitters works with children so they will have a CRB check.

I suppose you could contact sitters and ask the background of your sitter.



nailpolish · 09/05/2007 15:26

disclosure is just a check of police records etc

45 mins is enough time for a cup of tea and a chat - you should feel comfortable after that

dont worry i remember the first time i left dd with a cm - buy the time i went out the door dd was asleep on cm's lap!


CaptainUnderpants · 09/05/2007 15:27

BTW - CRB disclosure checks are police checks that all who work with chidren must have .


HenriettaHippo · 09/05/2007 15:32

tabkat, do you have any local friends with babies themselves? I set up a babysitting circle with my post natal group friends. There are 7 of us, and we all have points - started on 30 each. We sit for each other, 1 point for every half hour goes from the person going out to the sitter. You ask the person on lowest points first, so the more you go out, the more you have to sit. It works really well now that our firstborns are older (3), as it means they always know the person who's sitting. And I trust them.

I suppose that only works if you have DH/DP at home, and so I've made a huge assumption about your circumstances - sorry if it's inappropriate.


thedogsbollox · 09/05/2007 15:36

I have used sitters and they are excellent.

Their babysitters are usually nannies/nurses/nursery workers all of whom are police checked.

If you like the sitter they send you, then you can request the same sitter if you use them again.

The people they have sent for me have always been very mature and professional.


Tabkat · 09/05/2007 15:55

Have rang Sitters who have reassured me a bit. The lady who is sitting for us has been with them for 7 years and done hundreds of sittings (often for the same families) with no negative feedback.

Henrietta - sounds like a good idea but am fiarly new to area and don't know anyone nearby. Mine and dh's family also live miles away. Must make an effort to make some friends!

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