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Am I being unreasonable

8 replies

Fossil · 08/05/2007 15:07

to be upset because DS has obviously not been invited to a party along with all his other nursery class? I want to cry.

OP posts:

fairyjay · 08/05/2007 15:11

If all of his class have been invited, surely there has been an oversight.

I would want to cry as well!


helenhismadwife · 08/05/2007 15:23

awww it sounds to me like it must be an oversight is it possible to have a word with the teacher? I dont believe that any mother would be that mean and invite all but one child


redandblue · 08/05/2007 15:29

this happens all the time, no point being over-sensitive about it really. my dd was never invited anywhere for the first five years of her live, its their loss.


Hulababy · 08/05/2007 20:37

I think if everyone else has been invited it must surely be an oversight. Can't imagine anyone would deliberately miss out just one child.


Summerfruit · 08/05/2007 20:40

Message withdrawn


Rachmumoftwo · 08/05/2007 20:47

It is hard not to be invited, but also hard to know who to invite. If I had invited the whole class I would never leave anyone out. This said, for DD this weekend, I have invited a few from nursery, a few from pre-school and a few of my friends kids and still seem to have 25 coming. Where do you stop?


MaureenMLove · 08/05/2007 20:52

Do you have a friend whose lo has been invited that you feel you can confide in. Like people have said, if everyone has been invited, it must be an oversight, but you don't want to sound like you are pushing for an invite. Get the friend to have a word. Make sure you are absolutely sure that everyone has been invited though!


Curlygirly · 08/05/2007 21:12

It really could be a mistake. Ds1 was left out once and I was chatting to the mother at another party and she was talking about her dd's party. I asked when her dd's party was and she asked if I had not seen the invite. When I told her ds didn't get one she was so embarrased. Really red.
She had got the name list from our class teacher and ds wasn't on the list.

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