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is two hours after receiving a txt from dp saying hes on his way home, too early for sick feeling in pit of tummy........

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lucyellensmum · 05/05/2007 15:14

my DP was working about half hour from home this am. He sent me a text at 1 saying he was just leaving, so i ran him a bath because i knew he would be dirty and would be nice surprise. Now the bath water is stone cold and im worred, can't get him on phone, supposed to be doing the garden but cant because i can't get off this seat whist listening for his van.

OP posts:

fryalot · 05/05/2007 15:16

is he the type to pop into the pub for a "quick one" on his way home?

or is it possible that just as he was leaving, he got another job to do?

Also, he could be caught up in something that he can't get out of, but is perfectly safe iykwim


tubismybub · 05/05/2007 15:18

I would be worried too but to reassure you you would be more likely to have been contacted from someone sooner if there really was something serious to worry about. Is his phone off or is he not anwering?


lulumama · 05/05/2007 15:19

most likely stopped for a cold drink, or a quiet beer....? give him a call....


bran · 05/05/2007 15:20

Have you listened to the traffic reports, he may be stuck in a jam because of an over turned lorry, or cows on the road or something equally weird. Or he may be changing a punctured tyre. There was a thread on here a few weeks ago where someone was waiting for her dh/dp in similar circumstances and it turned out that his bike had got a puncture so he'd had to walk the bike home, it honestly hadn't occurred to him that she would be worried.

Could he have bumped into some friends and gone for a quick one and lost track of time? My dh goes into a time warp everytime he goes into a pub, outside several hours may have gone by but he'll swear that he's only been there for 40 mins.


lucyellensmum · 05/05/2007 15:31

apparently it was to early he went a priced another job, grrrrrrr, now he has some serious sucking up to do, and no he wouldnt DARE nip off to the pub, not without me anyway But he should have told me, thats a whole ten gallons of water wasted and i have tummy ache now from worrying, I am a bit neurotic though

OP posts:

fryalot · 05/05/2007 15:33

tell him he's a bit of a silly arse, but thank god he's ok and there was nothing to worry about after all


LynetteScavo · 05/05/2007 15:34



dmo · 05/05/2007 17:22

gald he is ok

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