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To hate Bing as much as I do?

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Twocatsonebaby · 18/02/2018 16:00

The rabbit really really pisses me off Angry

OP posts:
Laiste · 18/02/2018 18:20

Everyone loves Amma. We all know she and flop sit and get stoned out their brains together after the big things are in bed.

CigarsofthePharoahs · 18/02/2018 18:21

Rabbit stew is quite nice.
Being a spoiled arse is a Bing thing.

Twocatsonebaby · 18/02/2018 18:24

I always thought amma and flop had a thing haha! Grin
Oh god the sand one! Drove me mental. Especially ruining flops sand statue. Rage.
Pando is the kid that creates chaos at your kids party.

OP posts:
donquixotedelamancha · 18/02/2018 18:29

Don, is that true?

Of course. Once you've read it, does any other explanation fit?

QuercusQuercus · 18/02/2018 18:32

Pando is that kid that creates chaos at your kids party


dingdongdigeridoo · 18/02/2018 18:35

Bing is a knob and definitely on his way to becoming a serial killer. He killed a butterfly in cold blood after all. He also gets away with shoplifting and putting shoes down the toilet.

But it’s Pando who is the worst character in the show. Even by his voice you can tell he’d be one of those snotty kids who’d invite himself round for a play date and be a total pain in the ass. And his mum would be like ‘oh he’s sooooo funny’.

QuercusQuercus · 18/02/2018 18:39

In a cruel twist, I've been forced to watch Bing whilst posting on this thread

The cake one

Flop spends ages making a cake
Bing sneaks in there, tips it off the stand & smashes it
Bing whines about how everyone's coming for his cake party and no-one will want to eat broken cake

Twocatsonebaby · 18/02/2018 18:39

Oh god coco playing at bings when flop goes to measure her height.


Piss off and get your own weird peanut to do it for you then

OP posts:
Getoffthetableplease · 18/02/2018 18:41

Nevermind after the brats are in bed, Flop is always stoned. There's no other explanation for the constant sleepy cheery 'It's no big thing' whilst the whiny bastard rabbit stomps around causing hell.

Twocatsonebaby · 18/02/2018 18:41

@quercus literally just watched it with dd. Selfish little brat also gave himself the biggest bit of icing and not a lot for the peanuts. Sula was sorted though. Think that rabbit has a thing for the elephant

OP posts:
SingaSong12 · 18/02/2018 18:41

I came on thinking this was Friends.

Went and watched one Bing episode, the dog one. I learnt that it's fine to play with a dog you don't know, - just let the dog sniff your hand and if it licks you it likes you. No instructions if it doesn't like you and is "bitey" as Flop puts it.

Twocatsonebaby · 18/02/2018 18:41

He's got to be Grin no sane person could cope with that rabbit haha

OP posts:
FlouncyDoves · 18/02/2018 18:45

It’s funny that Mark Rylance (off of Wolf Hall) voices Flop. I like it for that.

LeighaJ · 18/02/2018 18:53


I thought this was about the search engine too. It's like a thrift store designer imposter perfume compared to Google.

Everytimeref · 18/02/2018 19:05

There was a child wandering around the supermarket the other day whinying by the end I was convinced the child must have been called Bing as he had the voice off to a tee!

Whisperquietly · 18/02/2018 19:08


Amanduh · 18/02/2018 19:10

I love Bing Blush
I hate Coco and Sula

Mrschainsawuk · 18/02/2018 19:17

My 5 year old still loves bing watches it every night for bed has every dvd even went as bing last year for world book day.

To hate Bing as much as I do?
ShowMePotatoSalad · 18/02/2018 19:17

Bing is awful but nothing could beat the horror that is Raa Raa the Annoying Lion.

Comealongpond89 · 18/02/2018 19:34

God coco is such a bossy little bitch. The one where she nicks bings crown. And flop just says oh that's not very nice. Well do something about it then! Not helped by the fact that coco is voiced by the girl who plays topsy in topsy and Tim and I fucking hate them too!

Flappergirl86 · 09/11/2018 13:35

They're all awful but Bing is especially whiney. Everything he says is a posh little spoiled brat whinge, even when he's happy. Honestly someone should send a terrier down to break his neck and release Flop from the shackles of raising a Child who has clearly sucked all the joy out of his life. Twat.

SlackerMum1 · 09/11/2018 13:45

But why oh why does pando take his shorts off an every opportunity?! Apparently he couldn’t skate board in shorts this morning... pants only.

I’ve mostly trained DD to ask for Duggee above anything else - had to knock the baby jake phase on the head. Although I have a strange liking for the hamsternauts 🤔

SlackerMum1 · 09/11/2018 13:46

Ahhhh and why did someone mention fucking biggleton! I’d just got the song out of my head after THREE DAYS

Annajohnsdottir · 09/11/2018 13:56

I don't mind Bing but I can't stand Coco. Everytime I hear 'Princess Coco Capono' I want to throw the remote at the TV.

Whitecurrants · 09/11/2018 14:15

Another one who thought you were talking about the search engine. I was going to come on to say I prefer Google

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