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AIBU to expect Verbaudet to know their arse from there elbow?!

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Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 09:05


First and last time i ever order anything from them ever again!

I sent them a cheque for £13 to pay my statement in full. I enclosed the tear off slip from my statement with my cheque. Payment was due by 17th and I sent the cheque 8th.

They then very cleverly wrote to me saying they'd got the cheque but had no account ref or address for me. Amazingly the letter was addressed to me correctly!

A returned their letter with my customer ref on it.

Next statement had a rather hefty £20 late payment fee.

Cheeky feckers!

And it's just taken 15 minutes to sort this out over the phone.

I have a headache and a cranky toddler and their Voice Recognition system is, quite frankly, shit!

Not Happy!!!

ps: however, on the upside at least I got to post in AIBU!!

OP posts:

kslatts · 01/05/2007 09:15

Not unreasonable at all, I would have sent the statement back to them with a note refusing to pay the late payment charge.


GreebosWhiskers · 01/05/2007 09:36

I've bought some stuff from them but I always order on-line or by phone & pay when I order 'cos I don't trust catalogue companies.
Cheeky buggers - I hope you didn't pay the late charge!


Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 09:52

no i most certainly didn't pay it!

i tried to pay when i ordered but the website is crap too and led me into account opening.

and they made a big fuss of refunding me some sad sum of £1.36 service charge.

so now i guess i just have to look forward to constantly getting marketing rubbish thru the door!

OP posts:

hattie2 · 01/05/2007 09:58

Absolutely not being unreasonable. Every time I use them I find them totally inept and unable to process a simple order!

Unfortunately they keep sending money off codes that I am unable to resist using!


Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 10:11

they have to keep doing that in order to entice people to order again LOL!

OP posts:

bigcar · 01/05/2007 11:15

They did a similar thing to me, I sent my cheque with the order, they sent the order (wrong of course!) lost the cheque. Apparently I was being unreasonable by saying you obviously received it because you sent the order!

I refused to pay the late charge and have vowed never to use them again!


DaisyMOO · 01/05/2007 11:53

YANBU. I ordered some shelves for dd a few weeks ago. When they arrived the paint was chipped badly in about a dozen places. I returned them and asked if I could have an exchange. They told me I had to phone up because I had to re-pay (despite having received no refund yet). I then spent about about £3 trying to get through to their 0870 number at the weekend and gave up because I still couldn't get through!


Freckle · 01/05/2007 13:27

I ordered from them once. They sent the goods, but claimed not to have received my cheque. I argued with them for ages about it and, lo and behold, several months later the cheque went through my account. So they must have had it but not processed it correctly.

However, now they refuse to send me a catalogue because I'm down as a bad credit risk! Not that I'd order from them again anyway, but still ......


Rachmumoftwo · 01/05/2007 13:32

How did they know who to send the letter to if they didn't know who the cheque was from. Are they thick?


Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 16:32

precisely Rach!

OP posts:

tissy · 01/05/2007 16:34

I've just sent them an email asking them to remove my name from their mailing list.

I got a reply telling me they couldn't, as I hadn't told them my full name and address including postcode.

I replied to them, that, underneath my name, at the bottom of the email, is my name and address, including postcode.....


collision · 01/05/2007 16:41

Ooh I HATE them so much which is a pain cos I like their clothes for the boys.

They are useless and rude and incapable and I will never use them again.

I moved house and didnt change my address so Idont have the hassle of all the unwanted mail coming here.


Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 16:56

bit drastic but not a bad idea LOL

OP posts:

RubyRioja · 01/05/2007 17:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 17:12

i hope someone from Vertbaudet is reading this!

OP posts:

wheresthemerlot · 01/05/2007 17:17

I've never used them. Quite glad I haven't now


Paddlechick666 · 01/05/2007 17:35

wheresthemerlot - don't!!!

OP posts:

empie · 02/05/2007 20:19

YANBU. I am still waiting for a pair of trousers I ordered in January! We also had a problem with a top where part of the press stud came away just leaving spikes. I had to get Trading Standards involved before they would even acknowledge my complaint letter let alone give me a refund!

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