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To hope my PIL would call?

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minkulus · 30/04/2007 23:02

My DH and i are having some troubles at present. He 'bravely' called his parents to tell them and to say that he was going on a business trip for a week. My PIL have not phoned to see if we are OK or if my DD is ok... i feel really hurt (mostly for DH). Am i expecting too much?

OP posts:

Carmenere · 30/04/2007 23:05

Yes. They are probably just giving you space and why would you want to talk to them anyway?
You and your dd are ok aren't you?


DonnyLass · 30/04/2007 23:06

They're probably in shock and upset themselves and simply don't know what to say or do for the best.

Doesn't mean they're not thinking about you all.

Hope you're ok.


minkulus · 30/04/2007 23:09

Thanks. I guess they are a bit confused, but i was angry when they told DH not to do anything rash...we thought they meant harm himself... until the accountant called to ask if he needed a 'private' chat....

OP posts:

DonnyLass · 30/04/2007 23:20

Ouch ...

well that must've made you all feel lousy

people do do strange and insensigtive things when in shock tho

you sound as if you maybe want to talk to them ... praps set records straight etc ... understand that, but with a longer term perspective might be better to is leave them be and concentrate on what you and dh need/dont need right now ...

it is hard ... question is is it worth persevering ...


fireflyfairy2 · 30/04/2007 23:23

I know if it were my PIL, my MIL would want to call but PIL would want to give us space.

Hard one to judge really.

I don't think I would have told either of our parents we were having troubles unless I really needed their support & was sure of getting it. How about you call them if you want someone to chat to?


minkulus · 30/04/2007 23:44

I guess I just wanted to feel they cared about how we were. Never really been ones to interact, don't like to 'interfere'. thanks for listening. guess its not so unusual - they are not my parents after all!

OP posts:

newgirl · 01/05/2007 11:31

i think it is right that they stay out of it

i hope things sort themselves out for you x

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