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To refuse to move my car because my dd's are in bed??

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Hillls · 30/04/2007 20:44

My neighbour just knocked on my door and asked me to move my car because she wanted to park in the space I am in(Outside her house) I live in a terraced house (as does she) and we all park where we can on the road, sometimes we get to park outside our house sometimes we dont just the way it is. Anyway I refused as it would mean I would have to drive all the way around the block leaving my dd's asleep upstairs in the house on their own, she got really shirty with me but I just explained I couldnt as my children were asleep, she mumbled about me being an unrasonable person so am I??

Should I have just moved it?

OP posts:

misdee · 30/04/2007 20:45

where did she want you to move it to?

you are being reasonable.


moondog · 30/04/2007 20:46

Of course you're n ot.
First come first served in communal area.
Silly bitch.


NKF · 30/04/2007 20:46

She's the unreasonable one.


MrsSpoon · 30/04/2007 20:46

If it was just a case of moving the car a few metres then I would have said yes you should move it but all the way round the block is a different matter, don't think I would do that.


NKF · 30/04/2007 20:47

If it was just a few metres, the neighbour could go in that space.


nickytwotimes · 30/04/2007 20:47

she's being unreasonable!
why di people think the bit of road outside their house belongs to them. nice when it is free, but if not, tough!


PestoMonster · 30/04/2007 20:47

No, you were quite right to stay put. I wouldn't have left my dds asleep in the house on their own. Besides, it's as much your road as it is hers. What does it matter exactly where in it she's parked?


Rachmumoftwo · 30/04/2007 20:48

No! Unless she had a really good reason and offered to babysit your kids. It was probably a trick & she was going to report you for leaving your kids home alone as soon as you drove off! Not really, but you are so NOT the unreasonable one here!


WendyWeber · 30/04/2007 20:48

NO!!!! Don't!

God people like this pee me off. My DH goes along with and will move my car 15 feet because I've left it parked outside someone else's house because someone else was parked outside ours so there was nowhere else to park.

We don't own the road outside our houses!


liquidclocks · 30/04/2007 20:48

I live in a terrace too with first come first served parking spaces - I wouldn't dream of asking my neighbours to move their cars unless I had very exceptional circumstances (unable to walk, moving house, etc).

Is she unable to walk from her car?


ChippyMinton · 30/04/2007 20:49

you - not reasonable, her- total unreasonable. Leave your car there for a week


RedLorryYellowLorry · 30/04/2007 20:49

What an odd neighbour. You pay road tax so you're entitled to park where you can get a space - tough if it's where she wants to park. My neighbours like this


fortyplus · 30/04/2007 20:49

Presumably it's a public highway just like a normal road? If so she is a MAD silly bitch


Hillls · 30/04/2007 20:49

There were no other spaces, I think thats why she wanted me to move! Its a one way system so cant come back on myself IYKWIM it would take about 10 mins (if I can find somewhere) thing is she's parked outside my house millions of times and I've never said anything, just didnt think to really.

OP posts:

ZipadiSuzy · 30/04/2007 20:50

You are in the right, course you can't leave your children alone, what does she expect you to do, wave a magic wand, silly neighbour! Perhaps she will feel different in the morning.


hatwoman · 30/04/2007 20:51

there was a thread once about whether you had a claim to the bit of road by your house. most people thought not. I'd say you were being reasonable to decline even if you didn;t have the kids in bed. and where exactly does she expect you to park? how come it's you that's meant to park round teh block and not her? v strange.


WendyWeber · 30/04/2007 20:51

WEll if there were no other spaces I think I would just look blankly at her and slowly close the door - wtf did she expect you to do, drive round and round for hours?


MrsSpoon · 30/04/2007 20:51

That's true NKF, I was just thinking about trying to preserve neighbour relations and that perhaps the neighbour might have a good reason for needing to be right in front of her house this evening.


edam · 30/04/2007 20:51

I really don't get this attitude of owning the street outside your house. You don't! Neighbour is nutty, what on earth does she think will happen if she can't park her car in the 16 foot of space exactly outside her own home?


RedLorryYellowLorry · 30/04/2007 20:51

Did you ask where she wanted you to park? If you can't park outside your house why does she think she should? Complete fruit loop imo.


MrsSpoon · 30/04/2007 20:52

With no other spaces available she sounds like a nutter.


Gobbledigook · 30/04/2007 20:53

Where would you move it to?! Does she have the rights to the space outside her house?! It doesn't sound like it! Silly mare!


poppy34 · 30/04/2007 20:54

you're not being unreasonable - we live on similar kind of street and its first come first served .

we have woman like that who lives few doors down- she has a driveway and garage (only house on our side of road to have one) but insists on parking in road and then gets really shirty if people park too near her drive..

If I were you I'd have a swift couple of glasses of wine so that you can't move it even if you decied to soften your resolve....


hatwoman · 30/04/2007 20:54

debated before


NKF · 30/04/2007 20:55

I wouldn't move the car even if there were no sleeping kids in the house. And I would be staggered if someone knocked on the door and asked me to unless it was a matter of need rather than convenience. For example, if a walk was really too much for her or she was moving house or had an unfeasible amount of luggage. But just because she fancied a nearer spot! How anyone has the nerve to make the request amazes me.

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