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Not to want to tell DP my mumsnet nickname?

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MissGolightly · 30/04/2007 09:57

So DP knows I go on mumsnet and has always been a bit fascinated by what goes on, sometimes I read him out funny bits etc.

Anyway, last night he asked me what my talk nickname was. I refused to tell him - not because of anything sinister (there's very little he doesn't know about me!) but because I like having a little corner of my life that is nothing to do with him and DS.

DP was quite taken aback that I refused to tell him and implied that I must have secrets to hide . Am I being unreasonable?

OP posts:

UnquietDad · 30/04/2007 09:58

You're not...but I daresay if he comes on here for a lurk, he'll deduce it by reading this thread!!


littlelapin · 30/04/2007 09:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fryalot · 30/04/2007 09:59

I wouldn't tell dp my name.

He guessed it though (asked me if I couldn't have thought of something more original )


MissGolightly · 30/04/2007 10:03

Well, to be honest he could find out my nickname any day of the week as we share the same computer at home and I have my mumsnet login saved in the browser (and password for that matter).

I think he was more taken aback that I refused to tell him myself!

He now refers to the mumsnet mafia and asks when sleeper cell 49 is going to be activated.

OP posts:

Scootergirl · 30/04/2007 10:06

I didn't think DH knew my nickname but he does and was reading my posts last night after I'd gone to bed


FiveFingeredFiend · 30/04/2007 10:08

MY Dh knows my nick. He actually thinks this is very boring. However he does say " go on, park in the M&T space" whilst shopping at Tesco, " no one from Mumsnet will be here!"


MissGolightly · 30/04/2007 10:15

scootergirl!! At least DP asked, I suppose!

OP posts:

Prunerli · 30/04/2007 10:17

There's no way I would tell dh my name
Hunker wrote my old one on a parcel and I had all my old posts deleted and changed my name
Not out of anything to hide but privacy, you know.....


Porcupine · 30/04/2007 11:15

ooh you fox


chocolattegirl · 30/04/2007 12:19

I dunno - we're all entitled to a private life even on shared computers. My dp isn't above googling people to see if they're listed on the net somewhere - he's such a nosey sod.

You could always set up another talk name, put a couple of boring posts on with it and tell him that one [devil icon]


MissGolightly · 30/04/2007 13:41

Liking your plan, Chocolate! Although I think on reflection I'd rather go with LL's idea and tell him I'm Cod (I don't think he'd believe I was Xenia, the lack of high-powered job and corresponding salary might give me away!)

OP posts:

DarrellRivers · 30/04/2007 13:47

I think I might have told DH once, but I hope he has forgotten who I am, i wouldn't tell him now, we are all entitled to a little privacy I reckon.
Mumsnet and drinking too much tea are my main vices now, which is a little tame in comparison to my 20s
Love your name as well, MissGolightly

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