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To think dh should look tidy for work?

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twentypence · 30/04/2007 04:43

He is entitled to new work shirts every year. The company got a new logo a year ago and dh is still in the old shirts. Some of his shirts are 6 years old, some are 3 although supposed to be blue have white bits on the collar and cuffs where the material has worn through.

I have warned him repeatedly that they are not long for this world, I have also told him he is starting to look scruffy (which is an understatement). His tie has lost all it's pattern at the knot from being tied everyday for 6 years (he has another one - but thinks it looks too bling). He also has two pristine shirts sitting in the wardrobe which he says are not comfy.

One of the old has not totally given up almost taking our toploading washing machine with it in the process, bit of ripped material got twisted around the central column. He says he's too busy. I've told him to bring home the order form and I'll do it.

Am I unreasonable to expect a grown man to take 5 minutes to get a new shirt or five every 3 years?

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MrsJohnCusack · 30/04/2007 04:49

you should see the state of mine as he sets off to walk one and a quarter hours every morning (am guessing he looks even more shocking by the time he gets there)

he keeps saying 'oh but it's more casual in NZ'. I am embarassed at the state of him but I have given up.....

have we fixed on a place/time for tomorrow?


twentypence · 30/04/2007 05:59

Oh, arse, completely forgotten - despite it being on the front page of my computer - I think we should just do the museum again as I lack the mental faculties to think of anywhere else.

Has he got himself a job then?

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MrsJohnCusack · 30/04/2007 06:13

he is temping and has been doing some incredibly tedious admin stuff for the past 4 weeks and now has to do another 2 weeks. is better than nothign though and at least he is Leaving The House. hurrah!

museum fine by me. think it is 1.30 again


twentypence · 30/04/2007 06:54

At least now you will be able to claim "working for families".

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