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to expect MN to be a David Guest free zone?

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Sugarmagnolia · 28/04/2007 08:12

Sorry but those ads at the right side of the page are just doing my head in! why, why why? ugh, can't we make him go away - I always thought MN was such a tasteful place before now.

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Quootiepie · 28/04/2007 08:13

I find it funny, makes me smile seeing his head bobbing up and down all the time


JodieG1 · 28/04/2007 08:14

I like them


LittleEgg · 28/04/2007 08:29

Ahhh I can't help but like David Gest. He does make me smile. Have not seen his bobbing head yet though, perhaps I don't spend enough time on MN after all...


Sugarmagnolia · 28/04/2007 08:48

nooooooooooooooo - what's wrong with you all?

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Sugarmagnolia · 28/04/2007 08:49

ah! There he is again - now he's dancing and trying to look all cool in his long black coat. I think I'm going ot be sick.

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