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To be disgusted at a grandad driving with a toddler on his knee "as a treat"

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twentypence · 28/04/2007 07:23

Round our subdivision this afternoon which was dark, drizzly and wet. Driver was very patient letting ds cross the road on his bike, and as he passed and I turned around to wave and say thanks, my smile froze on my face as he had his grandchild "helping" him drive.

They did a lap and then stopped and put him in his car seat for their "real" journey.

My next door neighbour was even less impressed as she had just spent a shift in an operating theatre removing a 6 year old's spleen as a result of not being in a booster seat in an accident. (Not a requirement here in NZ)

I just hope it was a one off - I really don't want to have to wrestle with the "should I say something" question.

OP posts:

lori21 · 28/04/2007 15:03

Sounds horrendous. We used to have a parent pick up their lo from after school club and she used to sit on her mum's knee in the front seat with her head inches from the windscreen. It makes you wonder if people have an idea of 'what would happen if...' Fingerscrossed it won't happen again.


elkiedee · 28/04/2007 15:29

No you're certainly not. Here, he would be breaking the law, considering kids are meant to be in a proper childseat in the back now - they won't let babies out of hospital without one.

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