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to expect the binmen during very windy weather...

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Furrymummy · 25/04/2007 20:22

To stick my recycle bin inside the empty wheelie bin so it doesn't get blown half way down the fecking road??
I've lost 3 this winter so far, blown away without a trace, and when I ring the council to get replacements it normally takes them about a month!
Though I suppose it is entirely possible that they empty the recycle bins first...
Anyone got any useful suggestions? I'm a very keen recycler!

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twobabies · 25/04/2007 20:45

Have you got your address written on it? Ours go all the time and neighbours down the road return them then we do the same for people up the road.


Katy44 · 25/04/2007 20:45

No, this happens to us too, we've lost about 4 since we moved in. Our recycling does tend to be emptied first though. Any ideas anyone?


Katy44 · 25/04/2007 20:47

x post
I think ours go completely, as we never see any spare ones lying about. But I should at least make the effort to put address on the next one Actually that reminds me, need to email the council to do that.


burstingbug · 25/04/2007 20:55

We keep finding our bin up the hill, lost count the number of times we've lost the green sack for paper recycling. Reminds me,need to get it ready for tomorrow. Bin day isn't til tues though.


Furrymummy · 26/04/2007 07:06

No, the wheelie bin does, but the recycle bins don't. I'll add thme on when (Eventually!) I get my replacements. Glad it's just not me that has escapee bins! Trouble is there isn't really anywhere sheltered to put them once they are emptied.

OP posts:

lizziemun · 26/04/2007 07:56

We have wheelie bins that the binmen don't bring back. I am always going to the end of the close to fetch them (we have 3)


LazyLineJobsworth · 26/04/2007 08:10

Our neighbours have something heavy that they put out that gets put on top of their recycling bags, maybe you could do something like that?


Katy44 · 26/04/2007 08:20

I thought about leaving a brick out for them to put in it once its empty but to be honest they fling them all from the middle of the road (usually breaking them), can't see them wanting to do that.


Furrymummy · 27/04/2007 20:29

They'll probably frop the brick on their foot and sue you...

OP posts:

Furrymummy · 27/04/2007 20:30

frop? drop!

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