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to think there must be something that will clean our floor grout!

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bigbadshewolf · 09/01/2018 14:47

Moved into new home a few months ago. Kitchen floor is tiled/grouted. Nice floor and want to keep it but the grout is really dirty and only thing that has made any impact is almost neat bleach and intensive scrubbing around each tile. Rather than spend many hours of my life doing the whole floor - any suggestions for specialist products to clean it? Can't re-fill with new grout as not enough space in the 'groooves' as are already filled right up and have 'wiggley' edges so doing it with a grout pen around each tile would take days. Here's hoping ...

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BubblesInTheTub · 09/01/2018 14:51

Make a pasta of bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide. Plaster on to the grout. Leave for a couple of hours. Clean with a brush (you won't need to scrub hard). Rinse. Hoover.

I have white floor grouting in my bathroom. I feel your pain. I do this clean every six weeks or so.

BubblesInTheTub · 09/01/2018 14:51

Paste, not pasta Confused

Hendrytastic · 09/01/2018 21:36

B&Q do a grout cleaner that is amazing and gets it looking new. It's called mould cleaner by a company called HG. I'll see if I can send a photo of a what the bottle looks like. It's honestly amazing stuff, leave for 30 mins and rinse. No scrubbing and it cleans silicone seal as well.

Hendrytastic · 09/01/2018 21:39

Only ever found it in b and q though, must supply exclusively to them.

to think there must be something that will clean our floor grout!
MoMandaS · 09/01/2018 21:40

Steam cleaner!

FluffyWuffy100 · 09/01/2018 21:44

You can get HG sprays at Robert dayas too. It’s the best for grout.

ColdFeetAndHotCakes · 09/01/2018 21:46

My bathroom grout is awful, goes orange every few weeks. The only thing that works is spraying it with neat white vinegar, leaving it for 10 minutes, run an old toothbrush along it quickly and rinse.

I appreciate if you've used neat bleach and scrubbed your heart out vinegar might not help much, but bleach sprays, bicarb paste, and scrubbing don't really seem to work for my tiles. Worth a shot?

Palace2 · 09/01/2018 21:48

Astonish mould and mildew remover spray from the pound shop! Amazing stuff

to think there must be something that will clean our floor grout!
Wiifitmama · 09/01/2018 21:49

I just got that HG Mould spray (I ordered from amazon) this week after a thread on here about getting rid of black mould from bathroom silicone. I also used it on the grout and it was amazing! Totally clean grout now. It was easy to use in the shower as we just sprayed on and left it for half and hour and then rinsed away. Not sure how you would do that on a floor though - harder to rinse away. And it smells very very strong! But it does work!

TractorTedTed · 09/01/2018 21:50

That mould spray is brilliant. I buy it at Lakeland. Had no idea B+Q and other shops sell it too. That's really useful to know Smile

Miscella · 09/01/2018 21:52

Oxiclean or similar - powdered oxygen bleach.

It is the best grout cleaning method I have found. Simply flood the grout lines with a strong solution and leave it to work. No scrubbing required and grout comes up like new.

The only painful bit is that the oxiclean solution leaves a powdery haze on the tiles so needs to be rinsed well.

TroelsLovesSquinkies · 09/01/2018 21:53

We use the same as Palace2 Astonish mold and mildew spray, it's a bleach based product and work great on grout. I get it from Home bargains, or Pound World.
I used to have a much larger area of tile flooring with very light grout lines, I mopped it twice a week with bleach water with a drop of washing up liquid in, my floors looked great. In between I swept daily and spot cleaned any drips or marks.

eurochick · 09/01/2018 21:57

You can get grout scrapers - take the top grubby layer off. It's fairly hard work though. It's like a triangular shaped filing tool. We did it st our last place.

HardAsSnails · 09/01/2018 22:01

Once it's clean use a grout sealant to keep it clean. I used LTP grout sealer spray and it's been fantastic.

kaytee87 · 09/01/2018 22:12

HG Cleaners are great or you can buy a grout pen

Sm16 · 09/01/2018 22:35

Another vote here for Astonish Mould and Mildew spray. I buy mine from savers. I had tried everything on the grout in my shower which had turned a pink/orange including strong smelling bleach products and was amazed after trying this. No need to re grout as I had thought

bigbadshewolf · 09/01/2018 23:45

Thanks folks - some good suggestions in here. I already tried the mould remover spray from Lakeland that a friend assured me was 'like nepalm' when it came to grout cleaning (she does a LOT of cleaning!) but it had no effect on the dirty floor grout - I even left it on much longer than it said.

OP posts:
BlondeB83 · 09/01/2018 23:52

Another vote for HG mould spray, it’s amazing stuff but crazy strong so be careful!!

Ilovefoodtoomuch · 10/01/2018 00:05

Be careful with mould and mildew sprays, they made out paint bubble and we haven't been able to get paint to stay on since ! If you use then make sure you completely rinse it all off.

The best thing I've use is Elbow Grease spray.

NanooCov · 10/01/2018 10:43

Rake out the existing grout and redo?

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