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To expect the gardners who have been faffing about since 7am to tell me BEFORE the switch the sprinklers on near my washing??>?

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Budababe · 25/04/2007 16:47

They have been faffing about all bloody day (employed by landlord not us) and were installing a new sprinkler control thingy as they put the last one outside and it didn't like Hungarian winters.

My lovely should have been dry washing is now totall dripping! And it includes bedding!

I could spit i am so bloody p* off.

And last month they filled my bin with all the cuttings. What exaclty I was supposed to do with my household rubbish I don't know!


Off to get DS froma party now - I want lots of sympathy when I come back please!

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flipflopper · 25/04/2007 17:18

Just wondering- why did you put the washing out if you knew they were installing a new sprinkler?
I would be annoyed too though, in any case..


Budababe · 25/04/2007 17:51

I didn't actually know they were doing the sprinkler today! Thought they were just cutting the grass!

Still !

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