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To be shocked by the opening sequence of Bratz?

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Dabbles · 24/04/2007 16:36

Just got sky, thought oh dd(4) migh tlike to watch it?? just got past the opeing sequenc ewith one of them dancing in a pop video wearing not a lot!!

promptly swtiched back to cbeebies!!1

omg how did this make it on telly? ffs...

OP posts:

tiredemma · 24/04/2007 16:37

Bratz are Sluts


MrsBadger · 24/04/2007 16:37

Yes, you are being unreasonable - it's Bratz for heaven's sake, what did you expect? Jolly outdoor adventures and lashings of ginger beer?


Caligula · 24/04/2007 16:38

You mean slutz


tiredemma · 24/04/2007 16:39

yes. Slutz!


wildwoman · 24/04/2007 16:41

I used to be very anti Bratz but it's not actually as bad as it looks. Yes they all look like hookers but the whole point is that each of them has career aspirations as well as having "a passion for fashion". They laugh at the all pink girls who are bimbos. Cannot beleive I am defending it as it is still garbage telly but there you go.


WelshBoris · 24/04/2007 16:45

They have career aspirations?

Piercing their belly buttons, wearing more make up than Jodie Marsh and having an attitude?

I'd like to see the job specifications for that position


MrsBadger · 24/04/2007 16:49

No Boris, look

One wants to be a record producer, you know.


WelshBoris · 24/04/2007 16:52

I feel all slutty now thanz MrzBadger

I want to be chief buyer for River Island but you can't have everything you want in life


WelshBoris · 24/04/2007 16:52

She'll marry a footballer, I put money on it


MrsBadger · 24/04/2007 16:56

nah, give it five years and I reckon she'll be on the Clarins counter in Boots...


wildwoman · 24/04/2007 17:01

I knew I'd regret posting

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