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To get baffled by the teen boys who can't get jeans past their thighs?

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Bamzooki · 21/04/2007 17:56

I know I am sounding like my Granny, and am obviously deeply uncool, but just how do they manage to walk without their jeans falling to the floor? And it means that you get to view said persons 'grundies' in the gap between t-shirt (above buttocks) and jeans (below buttocks), which in a teen boy's world is not really an attractive sight.
I know it is only a trivial matter, but I mean, hipsters I get. I like them, and i wear them, but surely this is a step to far?

Or am I just being a bit Victor over this...?

OP posts:

rabbleraiser · 21/04/2007 18:02

No, Victor - you're cool with me.

Apparently they wear braces of some description, which is why they don't fall down. They look bloody stupid though, don't they? So uncool.


mamatres · 21/04/2007 18:04

our neighbour does this and walks like he's cacked his pants. makes me want to point and laugh.

which i sometimes do.


BonnieDarko · 21/04/2007 18:08

I saw a lad last week who didn't manage to walk, nay stand still even, without them falling down. He looked very embarrassed when he had to make a grab for them

Silly arse.

Hipsters are shite too. I've seen far too much pasty flesh hanging out and it's not even summer yet.


Bamzooki · 21/04/2007 18:12

Phew, not just me then. Thought maybe I had migrated into granny mindset rather too early.
And BonnieDarko - I always ensure I have loonngg tops on with avoid the hangout phenomenon!

OP posts:

TeeCee · 21/04/2007 18:12

A step to far ????

I'm sure your grandparents and parents rasied their eyebrows oversome of your fashion tastes.

We're not supposed to like what they wear.


elasticbandstand · 21/04/2007 18:18

me and ds had to laugh at some jeans in the shops recently, with fake boxer short thngs

whatever next


Bamzooki · 21/04/2007 18:27

TeeCee - what was wrong with pink hair, legwarmers, rah-rah skirts, shoulder pads ???
You gest surely?

OP posts:

Bamzooki · 21/04/2007 18:31

Yes I realise that I am too old to appreciate current teen fashion. I just get amazed by the gravity defying apparel that is evidently available these days.
And also want to know why they don't produce bras made of the same stuff.

OP posts:

Mog · 21/04/2007 18:36

My pre-schoolers point and laugh when they see this - "Look Mummy that man's trousers are falling down!"


pudding77 · 21/04/2007 19:26

Does anyone else get the urge to yank them up or is it just me??


powder28 · 21/04/2007 19:28

Yank what up?


pudding77 · 21/04/2007 19:32


Lio · 21/04/2007 19:46

This from an article in the Guardian a while ago, the writer having seen said low-slung [email protected]

"The display I witnessed was not near any fashionable or gay area. These were not, I am sure, gay men. Though the clothes were screaming, "Look at my arse!" the manner and face of both men were saying, defiantly, "What do you think you're looking at?" Indeed, the low belt-line has been pioneered by rap musicians and urban American black culture, notorious for homophobic machismo."

And later in the same article:

"The subtext of the look is, I suspect, a defiantly macho, "Look, I'm so heterosexual that I can display my arse in public without feeling gay." There is a logic at work here. If you accept the argument that conventional straight fashion is running scared from gay fashion, it follows that the most macho way you can dress is to display that you are not susceptible to that fear. In other words, the best way to show that you have no fear of gayness is to dress gay."


Judy1234 · 21/04/2007 19:49

Anyone with teenagers....

Of course I like everything pulled up and then secured around my waist and feeling nicely tucked in, something my 3 teenagerish people think is ludicrous. They're always telling me to pull down skirts.


WelshBoris · 21/04/2007 19:55

"They're always telling me to pull down skirts"

Saucy Xenia very saucy


Judy1234 · 21/04/2007 21:35

ONly because they say they should be worn right down over your hips - in their case with firm brown tummies with naval jewellery. Not sure it's a good look on me. I owe it to them to be middle aged.


luckylady74 · 21/04/2007 21:40

i think it's really sweet! big tough boys with their trousers falling down. curvy [rather than emaciated] girls with huge amounts of midriff on show is quite refreshing -better than fat pants!


noddyholder · 21/04/2007 21:42

My ds copies some of his older friends and I had to laugh the other day as I could see his bright yellow boxers a mile off!


FrannyandZooey · 21/04/2007 21:43

Yes I think it is rather sweet as well

one lad who cut my hair has his whole arse out but I must say his pants were extremely white and fresh looking. I reckon if you are under 25 and capable of keeping your pants sparkling white then you might as well be showing them off to the world


lillochum · 21/04/2007 21:45

I heard that the logic behind this fashion is that the boys are so enormously well hung that their jeans will be held up by their equipment....ha ha!


FrannyandZooey · 21/04/2007 21:47

My ds has cottoned on to this trend, I think

he wears boxers and if you pull his trews up over them, he pulls them down and says "I like them like this"

he is 4


chocolattegirl · 21/04/2007 22:01

It's when they go out without their boxer shorts underneath and low-slung jeans that you ought to be worried about .


TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 21/04/2007 22:21

I love teenagers


zippitippitoes · 21/04/2007 22:28

i was told it originated in us prison culture...not particularly pleasant

i don't think they do usually wear braces..none that i know of

and yes i do threaten to pull them up all the time...pull them or i'll do it for you tbe


promater · 21/04/2007 22:33

It is not just teens - lol - my litle bro still wears his jeans like that to a certain extent and he is 26!! He has been doing it since he was 13 - useful for me as I have been able to wear his cast off w34/l32 jeans - my perfect fit but they hang of his lanky bumless frame - he was a skater boi so that is what they did.

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