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Disabled parking spaces

21 replies

organicmummy · 19/04/2007 22:08

Please help settle an argument - last week whilst out shopping there were no parent and baby parking spaces. DH pulled into a disabled parking space. When I told him we couldn't park there his reply was " It is a well known fact that if there are no parent and baby spaces available then it is perfectly ok to use a disabled space as long as there a few spare" Surely this isn't true!!

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 19/04/2007 22:09

No, it's not true. He's a plank.


GibbonInARibbon · 19/04/2007 22:12

oh dear


2shoes · 19/04/2007 22:12

no you can NEVER park in a disabled bay unless you have a disability and a blue badge.


zippitippitoes · 19/04/2007 22:13

I'm sure he must know that he is wrong


mummytosteven · 19/04/2007 22:13

erm no, the reverse would be true - disabled spaces are statutory, and parent spaces aren't.


misdee · 19/04/2007 22:14

its not true. tell him i will batter him with a blue badge if he ever does it again


Kelly1978 · 19/04/2007 22:15

oh no not again! is this a wind up?


lulumama · 19/04/2007 22:15

he is soooooooooo soooooooo soooooooo sooo wrong

end of discussion

disabled spaces are a right, upheld by law, parent spaces are a privilege..

am appalled that someone would equate the two


oliveoil · 19/04/2007 22:16

even my 4 year old knows what a disabled parking bay looks like (look, badge like great grandad bill mummy, awwwww)



Hilllary · 19/04/2007 22:22

People do, I know someone with a disabled badge and so many spaces are always filled up with non disabled cars full of car seats.


GibbonInARibbon · 19/04/2007 22:24

tell him not to be surprised if someone slips a note saying 'cock' under his wiper


edam · 19/04/2007 22:29

'Well known fact' means 'something I just made up on the spot'. Sorry but your dh was being stupid and selfish. Nicking a disabled space is a. against the law and b. could mean a truly disabled person was unable to do their shoopping at all, had to turn round and go home.


fireflyfairy2 · 19/04/2007 22:40

PMSL @ note with cock on it That'd make my day!!


Emprexia · 22/04/2007 15:44

No, its not true, the opposite is, but its illegal to park in a disabled space if you dont have a blue badge.


SoupDragon · 22/04/2007 15:46


WigWamBam · 22/04/2007 15:48

Is someone bored this afternoon?


SaintGeorge · 22/04/2007 15:48

He's a plank BUT it is not illegal to park in a disabled parking spot in a supermarket car-park without a badge, it is just bloody inconsiderate.


ViscountessPetitLapin · 22/04/2007 15:49

Utter bollocks.


ViscountessPetitLapin · 22/04/2007 15:49

That was to OPs DH, by the way!


hercules1 · 22/04/2007 15:56

I hope you made him move his car. Otherwise shame on you both.


helenhismadwife · 23/04/2007 21:14

No its not right;

Here in France at our local airport(probably other places as well) the disabled spaces in front of the terminal building have a sign saying if you want to take my space take my disability to in both english and french makes you think. I havent seen any parent and child spaces over here at all

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