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To be FUMING every time a so called friend sends me one of those dodgy emails?

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nightowl · 18/04/2007 13:36

Stupid chain email type things "send this to 10 friends in 5 minutes or you will die later".

I am a superstitious person and it really bothers me. Just because they write at the bottom "sorry but i cant chance it" doesn't make it better. I've asked them not to and i absolutely refuse to send them on to anyone else because i think they're horrible.


rant over!

OP posts:

Summerfruit · 18/04/2007 13:38

Message withdrawn


kimi · 18/04/2007 13:40

Oh nightowl, this in jut not on.
Just copy it ten times and send it back.

My very stupid SIL had her children sending mine chain letters that I just binned.
NOTHING will happen to you for not sending them on.


kimi · 18/04/2007 13:40

Get some really decent firewalls.


goingfor3 · 18/04/2007 13:41

One of my friends does it too, really bugs me. I'm not superstious but it's just so dull and meaningless.


kimi · 18/04/2007 13:43

Life goes on and you get what you get, it has nothing to do with if you forward chain letters.


Katy44 · 18/04/2007 13:50

If you get them at work, you might be breaching IT policy if you send them on - a definite reason not to, to counter any superstition!


trillium · 18/04/2007 13:53

There's supersticious and supersticious.

Delete them and block emails from that friend.


hippipotami · 18/04/2007 13:54

Ohhh, I know!! It annoys me too. I have one friend who sends me those kind of emails regularly, but never ever takes the time to e-mail me to just say 'hello'.

It drives me mad and I just delete them straight away!


paddingtonbear1 · 18/04/2007 13:54

a friend of mine sent me a few of these. I completely ignored them! She hasn't sent me any in a while!


Fimbo · 18/04/2007 13:55

My sil does this all the time, haven't figured out a way of telling her not to yet, as she gets offended at the slightest thing.


tomkat · 18/04/2007 14:12

I was having a pretty unpleasant time, lots of things going wrong etc, stuff that my friends and family all knew about.

I had a similar email to those described from my Auntie (who should really have known better), and it threatened allsorts if I didn't send it on to up to 15 people. I deleted it. I also put a message up on MSN messenger saying "if you don't hear from me again, you'll know I didn't forward that pathetic chain email..." or something to that effect.

I haven't had another one since!


kimi · 18/04/2007 14:17

Send her some porn


dejags · 18/04/2007 14:19

just delete and ignore.


colditz · 18/04/2007 14:20

I have deleted so many that there is nothing left to happen to me. I have bad luck for about the next 245 years. Send them to me if you like.



ipanemagirl · 18/04/2007 14:31

i hate spamsenders... it's bad enough receiving crap from strangers!!!


Lovecat · 18/04/2007 16:02

A friend of mine does this to me - not the 'you will die' ones, but these godawful 'send this to ten of your best friends and brighten their day' kind of deelys.

Apart from making me want to vomit copiously, it is a real irritant... I think she thinks they're sweet...

We really do need a sickbucket emoticon on this board!


ipanemagirl · 18/04/2007 17:46

yes I agree a vomiting emoticon would be excellent.


nightowl · 18/04/2007 19:05

these are the best ones, they contain a lovely message, some poem or other, really thought provoking and then at the end it says something along the lines of:

"send this to someone you care about and show them you're thinking of them".

i dont mind those, they're quite sweet.

but then you scroll down and find something like....

"ps, send this to 50 thousand people in the next 0.5 seconds or your gentals will drop off at midnight"

OP posts:

nightowl · 18/04/2007 19:06

genitals of course lol

OP posts:

squeakybub · 18/04/2007 19:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

dumbymummy · 18/04/2007 19:20

God, I haven't got ten friends. Or five minutes.

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