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to not collect his inhalers from the chemist with 2 kids in toe when he can go on his bike?

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hermykne · 18/04/2007 12:13

dh expects me to go to the docotrs , park, unoad kids, walk to surgery, get perscription, return to car, load kids, drive to chemist, unload kids , go in get stuff , return to car, load kids again !

whereas he is passing in his bike , park alot closer to the building, pop in, and pop over on foot to the chemist and return to his bike.

he tells me i can do nothing for me.

he is a total wanker.
i dont know why i bother really.

OP posts:

Snowi · 18/04/2007 14:11

Yeah I'd say he's being unreasonable, have you explained to him that it would be alot easier for him to do it?

My DH sometimes thinks that just because I stay at home, I should do all sorts

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